The Makings of a Gallery Wall

I'm totally not a professional interior designer. I mean, I pretended to be my first semester at college but then I switched to marketing because I could get a degree without taking a math class. Unless accounting qualifies as a math class? If it does, scratch that statement because I had to take accounting and it totally sucked. I actually failed it the first time and ended up having to retake the course at the community college. Just a little misstep in my journey to a college degree. And don't worry, I still managed to graduate on time without failing anything else... ;)

Sorry, got off on a tangent there. Back to my gallery wall! It's finally hung up after sitting on my dining room table for far too long. I have no idea if this is hung correctly based on scale or whatever other aspects you're supposed to consider when hanging things, but I did use a level to make sure things were straight (or as straight as I could get them...) and I kind of love how it turned out. I'm also in the process of painting the hallway gray (like seriously, w h y did I paint everything a yellowish tan when we moved in!?!) and the trim white. It's a process since I have a couple of closet doors to paint to, but I'll get it done eventually!

I took a while to accumulate everything I wanted to incorporate into the gallery wall. This was hard for me because once I decide I want to do something like this, I usually rush to try and get it finished. I needed to remind myself to just chill out for a second otherwise I wasn't going to like the final product. I've had my arrow from Axel Co since October and used it as a starting point. Throw in a few frames from Goodwill and extras from Hobby Lobby and you got yourself a gallery wall!

I arranged and rearranged my collection several times before deciding on a final layout. I then used craft paper to trace each item and taped it to the wall in it's spot to get an idea of what it would look like. It also helped me figure out where to put the nails so I didn't end up with a zillion holes in my freshly painted wall. It ended up working well after I cursed the craft paper for rolling up on me as I was trying to cut out each shape. It took me wayyyyyyy longer than it should have to cut out those damn shapes.

My mom gave me the empty white frame and bucket of twigs. (Literally. She drove 6 hours to give me sticks. I love her). I used my nifty glue gun to secure said twigs into the frame. Gracyn "helped" by breaking all of the good twigs into smaller pieces. I ended up with twigs all over my house but I like how the framed turned out! It feels very Joanna to me and anytime I have a chance to channel JoJo, I will. #designgoals

I spray painted the mirror and circular tin plate from Goodwill. They were bright gold originally, which I kind of wish I kept, but I think it would have been too much.

The wall is at the top of our steps and I had a hard time getting decent pictures. The lighting was bad and I was trying not to die from falling down the stairs but you get the idea! On to the next project!

 Reclaimed Wooden Arrow | Axel Co
Mirror | Goodwill
Large 16 x 20 Frame | Goodwill
Hello Sign | Hobby Lobby
Geometric Heart | Hobby Lobby
Circle Tin Plate | Goodwill
5 x 7 Frame | Target
8 x 10 Frame | Target
Frame with Sticks | c/o my mama ;)
"Subtle Touch" paint color | Behr


  1. love love it. turned out so good--now come fix mine!

  2. Looks to me like you pretend real good so don't stop!!

  3. Looks fantastic! We always have sticks in the fire pit, so if you need more ... :) !

  4. Oh wow, it's lovely!!

  5. Well that looks perfect!!! I love the twigs in a frame...what a great idea!!!

  6. I love the long mirror....I am on the lookout for something like that for a gallery wall I have in the works. Your stick picture is neat too...good job channeling the Jojo design! :)

  7. This is soooo beautiful!! I totally just use a template and picture frames for mine!!

  8. Love, love, love this!!! You did a great job!