jump, laugh, cry, repeat.

Every day, when Leighton wakes up in the morning, Gracyn comes with me to help get her out of bed. And by help, I mean she climbs into her crib and starts jumping around like a madwoman. Leighton thinks it's hilarious and will throw her body down onto the mattress while laughing.

Every afternoon, we do the same thing when she gets up from her nap. 

And every time, someone ends up crying while I second-guess myself as to why I let this happen! It's usually poor Leighton as she tends to get trampled by a bigger and stronger sister. Sometimes both if they bump heads or fall down on top of each other.  But still, there are tears. Everrrrry time.

I snagged some pics the other day right before Gracyn got mad Leighton was jumping in her spot. Even though it's L's crib. Leighton has become quite feisty (and actually kind of naughty...) and was fighting back so I had to break it up by promising girl scout cookies as a snack. 

These girls, though. So awesome to see them playing together. Until the biting and hitting and crying starts, that is.


  1. Love these two! Sweeties on the path to being best friends. Love!

  2. MOments like this are the best-- my two are the same way!!