i need a weekend.

Oh boy. This week kicked my booty. Cheers to the weekend...


I started feeling weird on Monday night during dinner and before I knew it, I was soooo sick. Like, sleep-on-the-bathroom-floor sick. It was not cool. So ill, in fact, that Justin had to take a sick day himself so he could stay home and take care of the girls because this mama was down for the count. I'm not sure if it was food poisoning or stomach bug of some sort but it's Friday and I'm still not 100%. I don't have a big appetite and have been living on crackers and gatorade for the last 72 hours. Luckily, no one else in the house seems to be affected and I'm hoping it stays that way.

It was not pretty.


On a much better note! Did you catch our review of Lucky & Me undies for the littles in your life? Check 'em out. They're comfy and cute and an all-around well-made product.


I'm getting ready for my first consignment sale! Get rid of ALL THE THINGS! As tough as it was, I needed to sort through some of the girls' old clothes and some of my old maternity things. We're not done having kids but 9 tubs of clothing is a little excessive, right?! Gotta make room for new things when the time comes!


The girls' bathroom slash guest bathroom is almost done! It's coming along and I'm so excited to finish it up this weekend. We need to fix the outlet (it mysteriously stopped working when we replaced it...) and change out the light fixtures. Other than that and hanging up a few things, it's pretty much done!


We randomly spent last weekend house-hunting and randomly decided that we want to move. Totally crazy and we keep going back and forth as to whether or not we should build or buy resale but it's pretty exciting to see what's out there! So many decisions to make before you even decide what to do! Houses are selling really fast in our area so we really need to be smart and take our time because once (if) we list, it's expected to go fast.

Have you built a home before? I know there are pros and cons to it and sometimes it seems completely daunting but other times I'm all about it! We shall see how this little adventure pans out!

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. Hope you are back to 'normal' soon and good luck with everything on your list! Makes me tired just reading about all the things you do! :)

  2. I think there's something going around! I was sick for a good 5 days and today I am finally feeling better :) My husband never got it either though... weird.

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's