Comfy Ever After

This post is sponsored by Lucky & Me.

I'll be the first to admit that I love shopping for the girls. Most of my shopping is obviously done online because I'm all about convenience these days. I'm constantly adding items to my online shopping carts and checking out the latest items to hit the e-shelves.

One of my favorite things to buy for them are shoes and swimsuits. There are so many fun options. Now that Gracyn is 100% (YAY!) potty-trained, underwear has creeped onto the list. We potty-trained last October and I couldn't scoop up Halloween themed undies fast enough. Don't even get me started on this days-of-the-week set.

The one problem we have with underwear for Gracyn is finding ones that fit her and fit her well. She's a skinny little thing and we often find her undies sagging a little bit. A little baby booty is cute and all but I figured we should probably try to find some that suit her a little better.. ;)

I was thrilled when Lucky & Me offered to send us some of their undies and bike shorts that are super soft and comfy and made from 100% organic cotton and tri-blend fabrics. Gracyn is around 35 pounds and their 2/3T size fits her perfectly.

Lucky & Me has the sweetest colors and patterns. My life evolves around all things pink and purple but they have some cute colors for the little men in your life, too. I love the soft elastic waist - I don't foresee the strings of elastic coming out of the seam and pinching G's tender skin any time soon, meaning these undergarments are well-made!

And the BEST thing? NO TAGS! I couldn't tell you how many times I've seen Gracyn with her hands down her pants scratching where the tag on her undies was itching her... poor girl. No need to worry now, though. No tags equals no more itching. I mean, that's just good sense!

The bike shorts will be perfect come spring and summer when she's wearing dresses and skirts. We won't have to worry about flashing the neighbor kids at the park or a Marilyn Monroe moment when the wind picks up here in the midwest! ;)

We've worn and washed the undies from Lucky & Me a few times now and they've held their shape through each wash, still fitting Gracyn like they did the first day. I appreciate the soft material and charming details and I know Gracyn loves the fact that the tag less designs leave her itch-free and comfy ever after! :)


  1. Ah, there's nothing better than feeling comfortable in all our clothing! Cute model too! :)

  2. Wish they came in adult sizes!!! I am super picky :p

  3. Those biker shorts are absolutely the cutest!

  4. I'll take all of those patterns in my size--lol! Arden totally needs the biker shorts...those would be perfect for summer dresses! Super cute :)