It's been a long week / weekend. We held Roger's memorial service yesterday afternoon in Oklahoma and even though we were only gone two nights, we're all exhausted. Leighton is sick (still? again? who knows...) and wouldn't sleep unless at least one body part was touching mine. This includes the drive home today when I had to basically ride with my arm stretched into the back seat so my fingers were touching the top of her head. It was super fun.

All in all, they were troopers throughout the trip and funeral. We got home early Sunday afternoon and spent the rest of the day relaxing.

I know I keep saying this, but January was a long and stressful month. February, we're ready for you. Please be kind.


  1. All four of you are due for some calm... Roger's memorial was very nice. He had a lot of family/friends who will miss him. Love you.

  2. The sweetest faces ever! So sorry January was rough...I'm sending February some vibes to tell it to treat you well!