Valentine Scenes

We had a pretty low-key Valentine's Day weekend at home. It was pretty perfect, actually. Lots of heart-shaped foods, a little DIY and early bedtimes! The girls and I decorated on Friday afternoon before playing outside for 7 minutes before we realized it was cold. I spent Saturday morning painting the guest bathroom and we all ran errands that afternoon.

Sunday was spent loving our little ladies. They slept in a bit (yay!) and woke up extra happy, blowing kisses on command and everything. ;)

Heat-shaped blueberry pancakes and strawberries for the win! Justin loves to give the girls a small gift from just him on Valentine's Day. Showing these girls how they should be treated by a man and all. He gave them each a little flower and a sweet little card on top of the books and plush toys we picked out. 

Large teddybear balloons were also involved. Within minutes, Gracyn had torn the string on hers and he sailed up to the ceiling in the foyer. 

Daddy saved the day but that didn't stop meltdown #1 from happening.

Later that afternoon, she was playing with it in our room. While the ceiling fan was going at full speed. That poor bear didn't stand a chance. We heard a loud pop and meltdown #2 commenced immediately. Teddy was sliced clear down the middle and she was crying hysterically yelling "he's broken! he's gone!"

We had a long talk about how balloons + ceiling fans don't mix and that we need to be careful with our things. Balloons pop and that's ok. She was devastated until she saw Leighton's intact teddybear balloon and reasoned that Leighton should share with her. Luckily Leighton is one, and you can't eat balloons, so she didn't really seem to mind... ;)

We spent lots of time playing upstairs while Justin and I took turns working on the bathroom projects. At the last minute, we decided to put new flooring down. I'm SO glad we did - it turned out great! So excited to get the space put back together.

The girls had an early supper (grilled cheese in the shape of a heart, duh!) and were in bed by 7:30. #parentingwin

After they were asleep, J and I had some appetizers, wine, and crab legs. It was all delicious and made even better by the fact that the littles were snoozing away upstairs.

We ended the night watching The Tonight Show's Anniversary Special which I'm re-watching again tonight because it's that good.

Hope you all had a great weekend full of love!

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  1. Sounds perfect to me! That appetizer looks fab.