Friday Faves

We're fighting colds this week - all three of us gals have been under the weather - but I think we're finally on the mend. I hope so, anyway, 'cuz we have plans this weekend. Those plans include a babysitter on Saturday night and we are due for a much-needed adult night out. And I also spilled milk on the counter (where my camera happened to be sitting) and 6 eggs just went splat on the floor. So, beer me.

Seeing how it's only 9 AM and probably considered taboo to start drinking, here are five random goodies for your Friday!


I am not - I repeat, NOT - a fashion blogger. I wouldn't even consider myself fashionable compared to most but that doesn't mean I don't like to look put together every now and then. Every few weeks months or so, I become disenchanted with my wardrobe and vow to get rid of everything and start over. I finally tossed a few shirts I'd had since HIGH SCHOOL but I still have a long ways to go.

I've been wanting a pair of booties to wear whenever I decide to not wear leggings or yoga pants and I've been scouring the internet for some affordable finds. The riding boots that I wear pretty much every day (leggings or not!) are seriously worn out so I need a new pair of tall boots, too.

After pinning a few pairs, I had to then search how to actually wear booties. See? Not fashionable. I ventured to the mall last night and found these in brown at Macy's and snagged them since they were on super-sale. I'm kinda loving them and so far I've only worn them around my house. With pajama bottoms...

Some other faves:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


I'm having the same issues with finding a winter coat. Maybe I don't even need a winter coat since Kansas has decided it's against real snow but all I ever wear is my North Face fleece and I kind of want to add another option into the mix. I've pinned a couple options but I still can't decide what style or type I want (or need).


Justin and I have been going back and forth about finishing our basement and as we were talking about everything we wanted to do to the house, we threw out the crazy idea of just moving all together. We've been in our current house almost 6 years and while we like it, I definitely wouldn't mind something new(er). And a kitchen with more than 5 feet of counter space. It is super fun to look at the options. I could search for houses for hours...


One little project I did finish was our gallery wall! F I N A L L Y. I'll do a full post next week and all I really need still is a cute print for one of the frames. The Don't Worry Be Happy quote printed kinda funky so it doesn't quite fit the frame. And the hallway is pretty dark so I need to figure out a way to get some decent pictures but here's one from yesterday...


It's preschool enrollment season. And apparently, that's a thing. So. Time to pick a school that will put Gracyn on the right path to success. Or something like that!

I'm thinking we're going to tour two different ones near our home and call it good. We'll pick the one G seems to like the best. After all, how different can they all really be?! Maybe I'm being naive but I figure as long as she can learn letters and numbers and interact with some kiddos, I'll be happy. We'll see come August! :)

Happy Weekending!

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