Oh hey, Friday!

Another week, another Friday link-up. Just how I like it... ;)


Please tell me I'm not the only one counting down until Fuller House premiers on Netflix next week!?! I remember watching Full House every week when it first aired not to mention the reruns I still find myself watching every now and then. Like Friends, I've probably seen every episode. It's not even like it was that great of a show - totally corny - but I still can't help myself. I will be binging, for sure.


I've been living under a rock because I just discovered the greatness that is Hometalk. Seriously. Another social media platform was the last thing I needed but I'm obsessed with this one. It's similar to Pinterest but for DIY projects. I'm in heaven.  I've posted a few of my own DIY projects and it's so fun to watch them make the rounds. It's so easy to connect with other members, leave comments, and reply to questions. If you need me, that's where I'll be.


I signed up for Pinch Me a few months ago and I finally received my first sample box! It's totally free to sign up and create a profile. About once a month, they offer free samples based on the profile you complete. And it's stuff you would totally use - household items, beauty products, brands for your pets, etc. If you match up to the brands, you can go claim your samples and they ship them to you. After you use the samples, you can log back in and complete a survey about the product; were you satisfied, would you recommend to a friend, would you/did you purchase the product. Things like that.

I am pumped to try out the Boon Snug Universal Spout on the girls' sippy cups. I can't wait to see if it works - I am so over finding milk leaking onto the couch!


This girl.

She is NAUGHTY! All of a sudden, this little chick is out. of. control. Hitting, biting, scratching. Throwing her body on the floor in a fit when she doesn't get her way. Basically laughing in your face when you tell her "no." It's insane.

And yes, that is what my house looked like by 5 PM the other night. And yes, that is what Leighton was wearing. I don't even know.

Seriously, how do you correct this behavior in a 14 month old!?!?! Gracyn NEVER did any of this. Second child problems, I tell you what! ;)


I am so excited to try this countertop paint kit on our bathroom counters! The instructions and reviews make it look sooooo easy. The kit was $80 on Amazon and it's supposed to cover 16 feet of counterspace. I could probably get the guest bath, master bath and kitchen (we have like 5 feet of counters in our kitchen...hardly any space at all.) all done with this one kit but I'm going to start with just the bathroom and go from there. I hope it turns out!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Does your 14 month old talk yet? Right before Annabelle was on the verge of a little talking explosion she went a little nuts. The doctor said it was because she couldn't communicate the way she wanted! Now that she is a nonstop talking 26 month old she has her terrible two moments, but nothing like before she really talked a lot!