friday things.

The first week of the new year was a doozy in our home. Justin's dad has been battling dementia for four years now and he's seen a drastic change over the last week or so. He was hospitalized on New Year's Eve and since then he hasn't really been eating or drinking like he should be. We got him back home to his assisted living facility on Tuesday and while there haven't been any major changes, he's not really bouncing back and still refusing to eat much of any meal. We're monitoring him closely but still hoping he turns things around.

It's hard enough to get back into a normal routine after the holidays and with this added stress, we're ready for another break! A weekend is much needed around these parts. :)

On another note, here are five other random things for your Friday...


Did you notice the new blog design? I love that it's a little more modern and a lot more put together. I found the template on Etsy and it was super easy to install. No issues so far!


I have SO MANY PROJECTS swirling around in my head for the house and I don't know where to start! A gallery wall in the upstairs hallway, painting all the things in the guest bathroom (including the countertops, which is either a terrible or genius idea...) and we're interested in getting a quote on how much moolah it'll cost us to finish our basement. A goal of mine for 2016 is to also get all the trim/doors throughout the house painted white.

Gallery wall inspiration. Definitely feeling the neutral colors and natural wood!


I'm all caught up on Scandal you guys. Now I have to wait a whole month for new episodes to start back up on TV. What's a girl to do? Everybody, and I mean errbody, is talking about Making a Murderer so I'm thinking we'll have to add that one to our list.


These girls. I found them laying by the front door the other day. When I asked what they were doing, Gracyn told me they were "just wookin' at da stars, mom, that's all." Ha! Leighton plopped down right next to her sister and was so content to be stargazing indoors at 11 AM.


I finally ordered Leigton's Year ONE book through Shutterfly but I haven't even started on her 1st year video. Gracyn's need to be done for Year THREE so I'm hoping to find some time over the next week or so to crank those out. Since I tend to forego printing traditional pictures for photo albums these days, I really love looking back on the yearbooks I've created for Gracyn so far and hope to continue the tradition for both girls! The videos are fun to put together too, highlighting the year and seeing how much they've grown. And yes, I did just spend the last 25 minutes watching G's first two videos. Aaaaaaand yes, all I want to do now is eat ice cream or something to suppress my feelings of sadness because my babies are growing up wayyyy too quickly...

Happy Friday!


  1. Stargazing inside with baby and sister - the best ... LOVE!! You have some great goals for 2016, no doubt you'll get them done too! Sending our love/prayers/encouragement your way for Roger, Justin, you and the girls. Love you!

  2. oh girl LOVE scandal!! so glad you enjoy it too :) Glad I was able to come across your blog in the linkup! Hope youll stop by mine as well. Can't wait to continue your blogging journey with you!