Another looonnnnnng week. I hate to say this, seeing as we have a very special 3rd birthday coming up, but I'm sorta ready for January to leave us alone. It's been a stressful month with Justin's dad and figuring out everything that goes along with his care. Leighton's had a few rough nights which resulted in waking Gracyn up in the process.

Needless to say, we're all tired. It's cold this week so I think it's the perfect time to stay indoors and spend a few days taking it easy. 

Gracyn is more than happy to serve us "soup" in her color-coded dishes (she's always sorting them these days...) and Leighton, based on her sad little face below, just needs to be hugged. All day. And all night...


  1. Oh ... Grandma wants to hug that baby 24/7 ... hate when they don't feel 100%. Patience sweetie, patience for all. Love!

  2. Aww...hoping they feel better soon!!

  3. Aww those tears are heartbreaking. Wishing you sunny days and smiles!