A Video :: Gracyn Year Two

Ok, I promise. Only one more post about Gracyn turning two years old. I mean, she only turns two once, right?!

My mom and dad have quite the collection of home videos from when I was growing up. They converted all of the old video tapes into DVDs and gave a copy of the entire collection to my brothers and me. I love them and could watch them over and over again reliving childhood memories.

We don't have a full-fledged camcorder (do they even make those anymore?) but we do have a bazillion pictures and minute-long video clips of her doing random things on our iPhones. Last year, I decided to compile my fave photos and videos from the prior 12 months into a short movie documenting her year in hopes that she'll enjoy watching it when she's older. And lets face it, so I'm able to easily cry ugly tears any time I feel like it while I relive these precious moments that are all too fleeting.

Anyway, my lofty goal is to make a movie for each year until she turns 18 which will serve as her own personal home video collection. Two down, 16 to go.

I tried to cut it down since Year One ended up being something like 16 minutes long but I just couldn't do it. This one is still ended up being almost 11 minutes but she's just too cool! She had another big year and I wanted to include as much as I could.


Gracyn :: Year Two from Mackenzie Oakley on Vimeo.

13 - 24 months

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