A Video :: Gracyn Year One

This kid - she has so many things documenting her life thus far: photo albums (with actual prints!), a baby book, a 1st year calendar, monthly photos, this blog…

Now we can add a "Year One" video/slideshow to the mix. The week of her birthday I decided I wanted to make a "home video" for G and show it during her birthday party. I have home videos from my childhood and my parents recently converted them all from video tape to DVDs. I love them. Justin thinks I'm weird because I absolutely love watching old family videos that I've seen 10242431 times. We had a humongous camcorder growing up to capture all of our awesomeness; all we had/have of Gracyn were little video clips on our iPhones. I wanted a way to incorporate some of those video clips into a slideshow so she would have her own home videos for when she's older. I'm also planning on being very ambitious and making one for her every year… fingers crossed that actually happens and Lord help me if/when we have any more kids. Hopefully I can keep up with the list of projects for every one of our future offspring. I'd hate to play favorites, ya know?

I made this with iMovie and it took me way longer than it should have to figure out how to burn it to a CD and then upload it to a movie-sharing platform. Youtube didn't work because it's long (so sorry in advance if you actually watch this bad boy…) and it blocked the audio since I use songs they deemed inappropriate in the fact that they think I stole them or something. I didn't! Totally legit purchases through iTunes, yo!

I finally got Vimeo to work and then it took me another lifetime to figure out how to embed the video in the bloggy blog. But don't worry, I figured it out! And here it is for you to enjoy…

And again, it's kinda lengthy but she had a big first year and you know me: must. document. everything.

Gracyn Year One from Mackenzie Oakley on Vimeo.

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  1. Great memories! Looking forward to next year!