Leighton :: 2 Months Old

Cue all of the mom clich├ęs...
"How did this happen?!"
"They grow up so fast!!!" 
"I can't believe it's already been TWO months!!!!"
Seriously, though. Time is flying.

Sweet Leighton cracked her first smile around 6 weeks old and they became a regular occurrence (especially in the morning) by 8 weeks. She's starting to enjoy "playtime" more and will actually lay on her play mat for longer than 3 minutes. She will be grabbing for toys in no time, I'm sure.

She's a big 'ol baby and weighed in at 13 lbs 3 oz at her checkup this morning, hence the 6 month sleepers (so crazy) and was 23 inches long.

I went back to work {from home} and so far, she's been a pretty good sidekick. Big sister is a pretty good helper, too.

She's still eating every 2-3 hours during the day and if we're lucky, will give us a longer stretch of sleep for 5 hours or so the first half of the night. We're trying to get on a very loose schedule now that she's awake more during the day along with putting her to bed in her crib before 11pm like we had been doing. It'll help me especially if I can get to where her days are a little more predictable now that I need to be getting some work done during the day. I'd also like to have an hour or two in the evenings to decompress and talk to my husband for longer than 11 minutes without children crying or needing a diaper changed before I hit the hay myself.

I blinked and she's two months old. I don't like that she's growing and changing so fast but I always look forward to seeing what she's going to do next. I love watching her literally learn something new right before my eyes. Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

LL, we love you, baby girl. Thank you for making me a mama times two.


  1. Amazing little one ... and time is flying! Take it all in and enjoy the ride. You have two beautiful little blessings - Love!!

  2. Love your chalkboard! Still waiting on those smiles from my almost 7-weeker...seriously can't wait! :)

    1. You should be seeing those any day now mama! ;)