Five on Friday

Happy Friday! It's been a long week so let's just jump right into this, shall we?!


Ok, so when we left the hospital to bring Leighton home, they gave us this CD and informational booklet about the Period of Purple Crying in infants. To be honest, I hadn't really ever heard of it because I don't remember Gracyn being colicky or anything like that but this shit is fo' real. Every night, like clockwork, our sweet Leighton flips a switch and turns into a whiny, fussy, cranky, crying mess.

Some nights are harder than others and I know it could be a LOT worse - like, a lot - so for that I'm counting my lucky stars but when she is noticeably uncomfortable or crying for no good reason, it can stress a mama out. I've spent hours bouncing, pacing and shushing trying to comfort this sweet babe. Somewhere between 10 pm and 12 am, it just shuts off and she goes to sleep. So crazy. I'm also wondering how long it takes before babies normally grow out of it? The interweb tells me anywhere between 3-4 months so we should hopefully be halfway through this special time?!


In an attempt to calm Leighton one night, we decided to move her into her crib. She did so well but I automatically turn into a crazy person as soon as my babies start sleeping in a separate room, constantly wanting to go in and check their breathing. We have a the video monitor this time around which has been a sanity-saver. She's giving us 4 and 5 hour stretches at night - yay! - and I'm forcing myself to stay awake after her 6 am feeding so I can start getting ready to start work again next week.


Gracyn got a bunch of Playdoh for her birthday and I was hesitant to bust it out thinking she wouldn't really be interested in it and/or try to eat it but after we watched Frozen for the 23421th time this week, I decided it was time to try a new activity.

Girlfriend loved it. We played with it all day yesterday. She did so well keeping in on the table and only tasted one itty bitty piece ;)


We're heading to Tulsa to visit Justin's family this weekend. Leighton has yet to meet everyone on that side of the family so I'm excited to see everyone and introduce her to the rest of the family.


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Happy weekend!

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  1. Found you through the link up!! Our Mary Katherine was the same way. Then we found out she has acid reflux which is awful. She will be 3 months on the 18th and she is finally slowly doing better. PTL! You should check out the book The Happiest Baby on the Block! It really helped us!