Sweet Valentines

We had a couple of sweet valentines this year. Two awesome little lovies we get to smooch on every day. Justin brought home a bouquet of flowers for each of his girls and we exchanged cards in the morning. Gracyn took time smelling every bloom and helping everyone open their cards and she only shed a few tears when she learned she couldn't slam her chocolate treats at 9 am...

No chocolate at 9 am but heart-shaped pancakes totally happened. I won this La Plates platter via an Instagram giveaway and it arrived just in time for V-Day so of course we had to put it to good use.

Baby's first Valentine's Day...

...and a mantel full of love letters.

Grandma and Papa were here visiting which meant mama and daddy even got to sneak away for a day-date. A matinee and and dinner from Chipotle to-go. Not a bad date at all.

But first, pictures of the sister-girls in their festive attire, obviously.

They are just delicious, don't ya think!? I do.

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  1. They are gorgeous!!! I laughed out loud with the fact she couldn't "slam her chocolate treats at 9am" !