I'm going to attempt a new photo project this year hosted by Practising Simplicity. I've seen other bloggers do this type of thing and always thought it was a great idea - take one portrait of your kids each week throughout the year. I loved doing the monthly photos of the girls during their first year of life (here & here) but now that they're both toddlers, I'm missing those pictures to compare them from month to month, watching them grow. And since I can't convince my husband to have another baby right this minute, this project will have to do! ;)

I hope this reminds me to grab my "good" camera once in awhile. These were taken on my iPhone and edited with a couple of apps. They still turned out but I really should learn how to properly use my Nikon. One of my goals for 2016, I suppose!

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  1. Your photos turned out beautifully! I decided to start the project this year and shot week 1 on my iPhone as well. I don't know how to properly use my Nikon, either.