Happy Birthday, Mama!

My mom turned the big 6-0 on Saturday. My dad had been planning for over a month to throw her a surprise birthday party up in Sioux Falls. My father-in-law's health has been touch and go but at the last minute on Friday night, the girls and I decided to make the drive to surprise my mama. 

I'm so glad we went. She was completely shocked to see us there along with my brothers and her brothers and sister. My uncle and his partner even drove in from New York. It was the best.

Justin stayed home to be with his dad. We missed him for sure. Making a 12 hour round-trip drive by myself with the kids had me sweating for a bit. They did so well, though. It was amazing. They must have comprehended I was riding solo because they've never done that well on a road trip. Ever. So thankful for a peaceful drive up and back home.

It was insanely cold up north. Like the high on Saturday was 1 degree or something stupid like that. We stopped for gas and damn near lost our breath as we got out of the car for a bathroom break. 

It was quick trip but so worth it. We love you, mommy! Hope you had the happiest of birthdays.


  1. It was like being transported to another place seeing everyone there and trying to comprehend how could that be?? I didn't know any of you were coming!! It was a beautiful surprise and I tried my best to take in every minute. Thank YOU for coming solo, braving the frigid cold, bringing the girls and sharing your photos. I'm truly blessed in so many, many ways. Love you! - Mom

  2. That was so cool for all of you to honor your mom so. The memories will warm her during this cold, cold snap.

  3. This is so neat!! And how cute is your mom's sweet comment?? :)