Gracyn :: Three Years Old

Happy 3rd Birthday, Gracyn! Cannot believe you are T H R E E. 

You are a spitfire, that's for sure, but having you around gets better and better every day. You bring us so much joy. You are funny and sweet and you prefer to sing rather than talk. Everything can be turned into a song and it's hilarious to listen to what you come up with when you're singing. 

You are the BEST big sister. Ever. Leighton is so lucky to have you. You are patient with her for the most part and you like when she chases after you. You both will run laps through the kitchen and dining room while daddy makes supper, screaming and laughing. She's getting more and more comfortable taking your toys and you are learning how to deal with it. It doesn't always go smoothly, but we're working on it! :)

You are a smarty-pants and tend to remember things quite well. Rufus stole your banana bread months ago and we still talk about it. I'm excited for you to start preschool in the fall. I can only imagine the stories you'll come home with and all the things you'll learn!

We signed you up for a little dance class this fall but you didn't love it. I don't think you like large group settings (with lots of kids you don't know) coupled with loud music. The dance party at the library was a bust, too! It takes you a minute to warm up so I think the classes were a little too fast-paced and overwhelming. In truth, I think you're a little bit of a homebody. If we're running errands, you usually ask when we can go home. That may change once you're going to school a few days a week. Interacting with kiddos your own age on a regular basis again will be good for you! We don't do much of that right now since you no longer go to daycare. 

You L O V E to watch television and movies. We have to really be mindful to turn the TV off otherwise you'd watch it all day long. If you can't watch TV, you're always asking to go to the park. It's your happy place. We went often this summer and will be ready to venture out once it warms up a bit. 

I hope you have the best day. We have fun things planned and you'll be surrounded by those who love you most. We've been talking about your birthday for weeks and I know you're excited! We love you so much, baby girl. I couldn't imagine life without you in it and I'm so lucky to be your mama. 

Happy 3rd Birthday, goosie girl!

G's birthday interview is below. I asked her the same questions as last year. I promise, they are not edited. She really does like to play peek-a-boo with Leighton and said that Rufus makes her sad because his breath stinks. I'm just glad to have someone else understand my pain when it comes to that dog. Misery loves company, right? 

Also, she's mentioned a few times now that she wants to hold a knife when she grows up. This time it was knives and babies so... I'm not really sure what to do with that information. I'm just going to pretend its a non-issue and keep an eye on her...

I also cannot get over how much older she looks at THREE. She lost her baby face over the course of 12 months and I basically don't know what to do with myself. My sweet girl. Growing up entirely too quickly.

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  1. Beautiful post my dear .... Gracyn and you are both lucky/blessed girls to have each other.