Hurray Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Trick-or-Treating was a success. Taking pictures? Not so much. Girlfriend was not impressed.

After she got into character, though, she lighted up a little bit and we got a few smiles out of her. I thought for sure she'd love waving the pom-poms around but nope! This was the only time she held on to them. Justin was jumping around like a crazy person behind me so I could get a few shots of her with her props. After she was done, she threw them to the ground to go find her baby doll.

After we got home, she immediately started digging through her pumpkin to find the best candy. She didn't waste anytime finding the Smarties and going to town...

And because I can't even handle how much she's grown and changed in one short year...

For kicks, you can find our Halloween 2013 recap here and because that mummy costume was kind of a bust, Halloween 2013 Part Two here!


  1. Love, love, love ... if only she could stay this age a little. bit. longer. Sweet photos and loving the side by side. <3

  2. Ok, honestly i was like WHEN WAS SHE THAT ADORABLE MUMMY! :) And I laugh out loud when I imagine Justin jumping behind you to get her to shake her pom poms

    1. Ha Kels! She hated the mummy costume! It was my DIY attempt last year :)