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Finally Friday. Friday is good. And Friday with a link-up is even better!


It's in the bag, baby. I had been going back and forth on investing in a good diaper bag for when I'm lugging around crap for two babies come December. I wanted something big, high-quality and something that didn't scream "I'm a diaper bag!" But, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it. Justin splurged and got me this timi+leslie bag for my birthday.

I really love it. It came with a matching clutch so I can get away with just carrying the diaper bag and throw all of my important purse contents into the clutch and be on my merry mom way.

Best of all, when I'm done lugging around crap for babies, I'll still be able to get some use out of this bad boy.


I feel like I've been working on getting Gracyn's new room ready for months. Oh wait, I have been working on it for months... I'm to the point where I just want it finished so I can sit in there and admire my handy-work. Not really, but I am really loving how it's coming together. I have a few projects left that I'm hoping to finish this weekend and then we have to decide when we're actually going to move her into her new digs. Before sister arrives? After sister arrives but before mama goes back to work? I'm afraid it will be a disaster and a disaster + a newborn doesn't seem like tons-o-fun but we'll see...


Pigtails totally happened last Sunday and I just about died. It was the first time she left them in for longer than 5 seconds and I could not get over how presh she looked. I see lots of pigtails in our future. 


i can't quit you...
I've written a few posts on how awful our dog is. If you don't believe me, see here, here and here to relive my misery with me. Anyhow, I thought for sure that volume #4 was due to be typed up after Justin woke me up at 12:45 AM on Wednesday morning...

Justin and his friend Brandon were celebrating the Royal's wild card playoff win (go royals!) and somehow, Rufus got ahold of B's can of chewing tobacco. Gross, I know. Even more gross? He ate it. Not the can itself, surprisingly, but the contents within the can: individual packets filled with approximately 11.2 mg of nicotine each (we googled it).

Turns out, nicotine is toxic to dogs (we googled this too). Justin (semi-drunk) called the emergency vet clinic in town and was told to bring Rufus in immediately so they could induce vomiting and charge us an arm and and a leg. Justin came upstairs to tell me what was going on and to see what we should do. At this point, Rufus was acting fine - playful even - and showed no signs of his recent nicotine binge. We decided that we Justin would stay up with him a little longer to keep an eye on him and I went back to bed fully expecting to wake up in a few hours to clean up vomit and diarrhea from our beloved family pet.

Rufus was still fine when we got up for work so I called our regular vet to explain the situation. I needed to know if we were in the clear or if a shit-storm (literally) was coming for us later in the day. She advised he may experience some "loose stools" throughout the day but other than that we should be good. I nominated Justin to be the first one home that afternoon in case a nice surprise awaited us in Roofie's kennel.

48 hours later, we have yet to see any sign of distress in Rufus. I mean, that's a good thing I guess. It also means that it will take more than approximately 112mg (give or take) of straight nicotine to phase him and that he's immortal and that he will be with us until the end of time. Yay.


The bump. It's big. Baby girl has been trying to bust out through my belly button alien-style all week. I've reached the point where I can feel a foot or knee or fist up under my ribs which really is the best feeling. We still don't have a name for this little lady - the current list contains 5 names that we both like. Unless we have some sort of revelation, I'm thinking we'll wait and see what this gal looks like before we decide for sure. Gracyn was always "Gracyn" once we found out she was a girl so this is a little different. Only 10 or so weeks until we get to meet this sweet girl!
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  1. That diaper bag is tre chic, so fabulous! And those pigtails are precious, your lil one looks so cute!

  2. Got another chuckle out of your blog today - thanks! Considering how long it takes Rufus to give back underwear he swallows, you may not be out of the woods yet with the nicotine. (Crazy dog but so lovable at times.) Gracyn did rock the pigtails with style and you are still glowing! It's OK to wait to see which name fits Baby O ... yours was changed once we got a look at you! <3