Costume Change.

I mean, seriously, I should probably just quit my day job and be a photographer. Several thousand pictures of tonight's shenanigans and only one where she's looking directly at the camera. I call my style "Quick get the camera, make the baby stand still while I try to get a picture. Oh shit it's blurry lets try that again and again...and again. Hold on, I'm sweating - she won't sit still! I guess that'll do..." I'm booking sessions for 2014 starting now so you betta sign up...

Anyway, Halloween Witch turned out to be a much better costume than "Mummy that doesn't quite look like a mummy" so I'd say G's first Halloween was a success. We had a good handful of Trick-or-Treaters although not as many as last year. I guess it's a thing around here that parents dress up in costume too as they take their children door-to-door so I better get started planning our stellar costumes for next year. Hopefully it won't be as big of a cluster as it was this year. First-time mom problems, I tell ya.

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