Nursery {Revamp}

I took the day off today to get some of my projects checked off my never-ending "To Do" list. One of those things included revamping the nursery now that Gracyn's new room is all put together. Don't you worry, a blog post dedicated fully to that transformation will be coming soon. 

G is still sleeping in here because I'm a chicken and haven't attempted moving her to a big girl bed yet but the rest of her stuff has been moved down the hall. 

I wanted to change up this room a little bit to make it feel like it belonged to the new baby. She's already getting the shaft with all of the hand-me-down furniture and clothing (hello, second child!) I love the color of the walls and the trim had already been painted so I didn't have to do any cosmetic changes but here is what's different for bebe #2..

{ONE :: Musical Furniture}

I rearranged layout of the room's furniture. I love rearranging rooms and don't get to do it often enough. A little change-up is good for the soul every once in a while.

{TWO :: Color Scheme}

If you can even call it that. G's nursery was supposed to be gray + yellow. It really turned out to be more gray + a mashup of all the other colors and that was OK. For this baby, I wanted to add purple in with the gray for some reason. Again, mix it up a little bit and make it feel like "her" room. It's still mostly gray and even though that blanket looks pink, I assure you it's leaning towards the purple side in person.

It's a work in progress, I suppose. I still want to get a light purple changing pad cover and light purple sheets for the crib too.

{THREE :: Custom Artwork}

I'm basically a professional artist now. After I painted a few canvasses for G's new room, I had the itch to make something for the new baby too. You can see my p-inspiration here...

I love how they turned out even though making the flowers out of yarn with my hot glue gun was a major pain in the ass...

{FOUR :: Sonogram Pictures}

I made one of these for each girl. Pardon my sloppy edges but I went the fast, cheap and easy route with these and just made copies of my sonogram pics on my printer at home. I cut them free hand and glued them to scrapbooking paper, threw it in a frame and called it good.

I have a profile and a picture of a foot for both Gracyn and this baby so I thought it'd be fun to frame 'em and hang 'em in their rooms.

{FIVE :: Lullabies}

Another pinterest project from back in the day... These sweet lullabies have been hanging in the nursery since before Gracyn was born but they used to be mounted on pink paper. A quick change-out for purple paper and these were good to go.

I suppose this can qualify as my "Five on Friday" post? In that case, I'm linking up with AprilChristinaNatasha and Darci and the rest of the gang...

Happy Weekend!

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