All About That Bass

Ah yes. Another day, another video of Gracyn dancing. Girlfriend loves her beats, what can I say. I was cleaning up dishes after dinner the other night and turned on some YouTube videos to keep her occupied (and to keep her from climbing into the dish washer).

We started with some Bang Bang, enjoyed some Boom Clap and ended strong with All About That Bass... A pretty strong lineup of legit tunes if I don't say so myself and G had moves for all of them.

I got the last one on video. She was trying real hard to stay seated in the chair - she knows she's not supposed to stand up - but the beat got the best of her so you can hear me in the background asking her to sit on her bottom a few times. Other than that, she really has the shoulder moves down pat.


Gracyn :: All About That Bass from Mackenzie Oakley on Vimeo.

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