Gracyn :: 21 Months

Age: 21 months old. I did an update at 18 months and wasn't going to do another one until she turned two but she's just too cool to not e-brag about her... ;)

Stats: I don't know the official numbers but she feels really heavy when I lug her upstairs, downstairs and when I'm trying to get her loaded into the car. I'm gonna guess 25-27 pounds? But it feels like wayyyy more. Could be my massive pregnant belly and the fact that I get winded walking across the room but still.

And she seems really tall all of a sudden because she can always, always, always reach the forbidden object of her affection - even when I swear I put it in the middle of the table or towards the back of the counter.

Clothes: Mostly 24 month stuff

Favorite Foods: She's become a little more picky the last few months but she's still a pretty good eater for the most part so I can't complain. She loves yogurt via the go-gurt tubes she can squirt into her mouth on her own. Half the time it ends up on her shirt instead but she still loves it. And if she eats a french fry before she eats any other item on her plate, she will only eat french fries for the duration of the meal.

Favorite Toys: Gracyn is still a little mama - always taking care of her babies. Rocking them "nigh-nigh", feeding them their bottles (botters), changing their diapers.

Words: Pretty much all the words. Seriously. She talks so much and I'm so amazed that we can understand most of what she's saying.

She'll string 3 or 4 words together and she will for sure tell you what she wants or what she wants to do. We've also hit an independent streak - who needs mom and dad these days when you can do everything by herself?!

"I hold (hode) it", "I get it" , "I do it" , "I walk" , "I hiding" , "I running"

She minds her manners for the most part and I'm so proud when she'll say "please" (peeeez) , "thank you" (tank-you) and, most recently, "you're welcome" (you we-come) on her own.

Oh, and my heart literally exploded the first time she said "bless you, mama" (ach-oo, mama) after I sneezed.

The biggest development as of late, though, has been her interest in the potty. Our daycare provider has Gracyn and two other kiddos that are all ready to start potty training so they've been working on it a little bit here and there. A couple of weekends ago, she randomly came up to us saying she had to go potty. "I go pot-teee!" and sure enough, she went. She had a dry diaper all afternoon after coming to us every 45 minutes or so asking to go potty. I have big girl undies ready to go whenever we get brave enough to ditch the diapers during the day. I'm sure she'll do great. She's pretty much a rockstar, after all.

My sweet girl, you are truly the best. Daddy and I love you more than words. Sissy does too and she's  already so lucky to have a big sister like you.

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