Bumpdate :: 15 Weeks

In true 3rd child fashion, the poor babe hasn't gotten any weekly bumpdate posts until now. My pregnancy with Gracyn was in my pre-blog life and I did a pretty decent job of documenting my pregnancy with Leighton (Here's me with L at 15 weeks). I have at least managed to take a weekly photo almost every week so far with #3 so I have that going for me at least.

We heard the baby's heartbeat again on Monday of this week. He/She was hiding a bit which always makes me terribly nervous but it eventually showed up, sounding sweet as ever. Heartbeat was right around 160.

I *thought* I felt the tiniest of flutters the other night while we were sitting on the couch bingeing on Breaking Bad. And again last night. But surely it was just gas?! Ha. I didn't feel either of the girls move until well after 20 weeks so I was surprised I even noticed it. We'll see if it continues!

My appetite has been a little wonky this week. I could eat only cereal and strawberry smoothies and be totally content with my life. I was really thrown through a loop the other night when I smelled the spaghetti Justin was cooking and immediately became nauseous. I figured maybe I stood up too soon or something but I couldn't even eat the plain noodles. And I normally LOVE plain noodles. Like, WHAT is that!?! Ever since I was a kid, I've preferred my spaghetti light on the sauce because that's how much I like noodles. But nope. Not that night. They still sound gross to me today. Justin thinks that means we're having a boy. I mean, it's NOODLES. They taste like nothing on a normal day so it's just bizarre to me that I would have an aversion to something like that. Pregnancy is weird.

I hoped we'd be able to get our sonogram at my next appointment at 18 weeks but my doc is making me wait. How rude, right?! We could either make a separate appointment at 20 weeks or wait until another regular visit at 22 weeks. No brainer. We'll go back for an extra visit on April 10th to get a good look at the babe and finally find out if it's a boy or girl!

I've started a list of names on my phone and I think we'll be in a world of trouble if it's another girl cuz I got nothin'! Well, that's not true. I had a few but they've been vetoed. We have a decent list of boy names started. Good thing we have a while to figure it out!


  1. Foods can be tricky but pasta(?) that's like your all-time-favorite-go-to staple! Treasure those little flutters ...nothing better than that feeling of a little one kicking from the inside. (I considered that the BEST thing about pregnancy!) Love!!

  2. Your little bump is the cutest! And yes, pregnancy is weird!! How can I feel nauseas to the point of throwing up with my first two and not a twinge of that with #3? I don't get it, but I def wasn't ever complaining! And yes, that is rude to make you wait! Another appointment it is and I don't blame you one bit! Can't wait to find out!!!!

  3. Food aversions are the worst! Pregnancy is so weird!

  4. You are the cutest pregnant woman! So sad about the spaghetti though...same kind of thing happened to me. I couldn't eat ANYTHING from Subway, and it was my favorite! That's the worst.