Five on Friday | Sick {Again}

Happy Friday!


I'm excited for the weekend - who isn't?! - but I also need everyone to get healthy. I started typing this out at 5:42 AM while I waited for Gracyn to either throw up again or have to use the potty. She has some sort of stomach bug that's been lingering since Wednesday and I am so. over. it.  I thought we were in the clear yesterday - she had kept food down since Wednesday mid-morning and never ran a temp or anything like that. But she still wasn't 100%. 

You haven't lived as a parent until you have to describe diarrhea to a worried four year old. Suuuuuper fun I tell you. #sogross

She randomly woke up at 4 AM this morning and had thrown up so we're back to square one. I'm definitely done with the month of March. The kids and I have been sick on and off for 3 weeks now and I can't hang anymore. Ready to feel "normal" - cold and flu germs can get the eff out. The rest of my day will consist of laundry, disinfecting the entire house (again) and a trip to Target for pedialyte (for G) and candy (for me) since I can't drink to cope with this nastiness.

She doesn't look sick, does she!?! In fact, she looks like she's 17 years old and I about died when I saw this picture. SHE'S SO OLD.

In other news...


18 weeks with Baby #3! We find out gender (finally!) two weeks from Monday and I'm leaning towards boy. I also thought the other two girls were boys so my intuition is usually dead wrong. I won't be placing any bets. So excited to get a peek at this babe and make sure they're growing as they should.


We are now a two-vehicle family once again. Justin found a good deal on a 2010 Ford F-150 pickup truck and his life is now complete. ;) I tried to convince him to go the nice family sedan route but it was a no-go. He's wanted a truck (other than his work truck that's full of tools and equipment and basically useless after working hours...) for a long time now so he wins. It's a nice truck that will last us a very long time and will come in handy as our family grows. We took a family cruise earlier this week to grab free ice cream cones at Dairy Queen. You know, before the vomiting started.


New truck means a nice new (strict) budget for all the things but these shoes might need to come home with me... 

I wear my Converse Shorelines all the time and these look very similar. Might have to move some funds around... ha!


Anyone else tired of the random Instagram comments that show up on your posts? I guess that's what I get for using hashtags bit the robo-responses are so ridiculous. I could post something about my kid barfing all over me and get a comment that reads "Your page rocks!" or "Beautiful photo!" with the starburst emoji. I mean, it just doesn't make sense! I try to respond to people who take time to comment or ask questions on my posts but I never know what to do with those ones..

Anyway, cheers to the weekend! And hopefully no more sickness!



  1. ugh! Poor Gracyn, nothing worse than being sick. Fingers crossed no one else gets the double dose bug. Hang in there .. hope the weekend is better.

  2. Oh man - hope G kicks that stomach bug today and the rest of you stay well! I love those shoes and your comment about moving funds around. Hope your weekend is up from here!

  3. Love reading your blog! I am also pregnant with my 3rd- 17 weeks along.
    one note from our experience with a 4 yr old and stomach bug... I think that the use of pedalyte pro-longed his illness... once we switched him to Gatorade and water he got much better. Just a thought!! good luck!

    1. Ok, glad you said something because I read the same thing this morning! We did actually skip the pedialyte and got Gatorade instead. And congrats on your baby #3!!

  4. Brantley had diarrhea this morning (TMI?) and now you have me freaked out that puking isn't far off. Noooooo!!!!! Those shoes are adorable! I just got a pair of Converse Shorelines (and love them!) but these price of these is way better! Boooo for strict budgets... Have a great weekend!

  5. You said, "see how they're doing." Do you have a secret??

    1. Ha! No, no secret. There's only one in there that we know of!!

  6. Oh no!! I hope this week is way healthier for your family!