Five on Friday | 5 Random Things In My Amazon Shopping Cart

Justin had to head out of town for a quick overnight trip yesterday morning and the kids have been a little sickly fighting colds. Leighton took a teeny tiny nap and was a whiny monster the entire afternoon. She wasn't running a temp but I figured she just didn't feel well because nothing was making her happy. She was in bed by 7:20 last night so hopefully she wakes up in a better mood. Gracyn has a cough and runny nose. We'll be glad when cold season ends for sure!

I have nothing of substance for you today except to highlight the random things that have found their way into our Amazon Prime shopping cart. Fun, huh!?


Confession - I'm going to start shaving my face. These little Tinkle razors are all the buzz lately, I've seen them everywhere in the blogs I read and groups I follow. Speaking of, do yourself a favor and join the How Does She Save Facebook group. The ladies that run it post killer deals all day long. You will thank me, your wallet will hate me!

Anyway, I'll be the first to admit I have a little peach fuzz on my cheeks and chin and a couple of moles that sprout really sexy hairs every once in awhile. Chalk it up to turning 30 (and 31...) or something I guess. I also haven't waxed my eyebrows in quite some time so I'm hoping these little guys do the trick and help a mother out...


I literally have a potato peeler saved in my cart. I am so lame. I needed to peel potatoes for dinner the other night and could not find our peeler. I tore the kitchen apart looking for the damn thing. I even had to ask Justin where it was while he was upstairs in the shower. Like he would know off the top of his head where the potato peeler was. I figured it maybe got thrown away on accident so I made a mental note to get a new one and peeled the potatoes with a knife while almost slicing off my thumb on several occasions. 

I later found the potato peeler, of course, but I'm still thinking it might be nice to have an extra on hand. You know, should a potato peeling emergency arrive in the future... ;)


The Moana soundtrack. Because, duh. It's amazing. I haven't seen the movie yet (Justin took Gracyn to see it in the theater) but we've watched clips on YouTube and the songs are so catchy. Justin and I both find ourselves singing the songs out loud. I think the movie is available for purchase next week and I can't wait to get it home so I can finally watch it. And sing along. 


I think we're switching out Gracyn's bed this weekend - she's getting a twin instead of the the double bed that's in there currently. My plan is to give her more space for toys so she can actually play in her room. As an incentive I thought she'd get a kick of having her very own CD player/radio in there, too.  It's pink and everything. I'll even share my Moana soundtrack with her.


Last but not least, I'm debating on whether or not to purchase these window treatments (without the top valance part...) for our kitchen. The window above our sink faces west and the sun downright blinds us during the afternoon/early evening hours. We bought blinds for the rest of the house when we moved in but I wanted to leave the kitchen window open for natural light. After a few weeks, we decided we needed something hung up to filter the sunbeams. We've lived here almost 8 months and still haven't found a solution.

At first I thought I wanted a roman shade but I'm not 100% convinced I like the look of them. I wanted to try and find something patterned (maybe?!) to add a decor aspect. I was all, "What Would JoJo Do?" and went to Pinterest to look for Farmhouse Kitchen pictures as inspiration. A few like the ones below showed up and while it looks a tad grandma-ish, it could work. No offense to any grandmas.. ;)

We'll see, for $20 and Prime shipping, what do we have to lose?!

Happy weekend!


  1. I love the window treatments! And okay I know shaving your face isn't glamorous but those little razors are the cutest things and I kind of want them just because I'm obsessed with the colors!

  2. I don't think those are Grandma-ish at all! They are super cute! And in reference to your potato peeling incident...we literally lost a knife in our kitchen. It's been a good 6 months and it still hasn't been located. I'm convinced it was thrown away. But seriously how does a knife get thrown away?!

  3. Those razors look interesting! And yeah, I totally lost a potato peeler one time so good thing I had a back up ;-)

  4. I've been considering the Moana Soundtrack for quite some time too. My children + I currently have the Trolls on repeat but I bet they'd love the Moana one as well. We really enjoyed the movie.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I love those shavers!!! I use them for my eyebrows and mole hair. I totally understand the struggle! But they're awesome and work really well!

  6. I love those curtains!! And report back if you get those shavers!!

  7. We just watched Moana last night! You're right, the soundtrack is awesome. And that potato peeler story is hilarious.