#HomeByOakley | Inspiration for Gracyn's Room (Version 2.0)

Phase One of "Get Ready for Baby" commenced this last weekend. We started revamping Gracyn's room by switching out her full bed, which will eventually be put in Leighton's room, for a twin bed. We moved her dresser to the same wall as her bed which gave her a ton more space for "fun" stuff - more toys, books and stuffed animals in her room instead of thrown around the house. 

I had purchased a twin headboard from a local Kansas City company over a year ago. We had no use for it at the time but I saw them selling it on Instagram and couldn't pass it up; it was also a great deal. And made of reclaimed wood. I needed it! We picked it up one night and immediately put it in storage for a later date. 

When we moved into our new home last summer, we bought a twin bed for our guest room in the basement. So, when the "Great Bed Switch-a-Roo of 2017" started last weekend, we were finally able to move the headboard upstairs and pair it with the twin bed. 

Here's a little inspiration for the rest of Gracyn's room!

I gave myself a $150 budget because she truly doesn't need much for her room. I knew we would need to get bedding but beyond that, everything else was more than a "want" versus a necessity. My thought was to give her a reading nook or some more storage so she can keep some toys up there. Eventually I know she'll enjoy playing up in her room, whether it be with friends or her siblings (I can dream, right?!) or enjoy some quiet time by herself so I wanted her to have the space to do that. 

The twin bed itself freed up a bunch of room so I feel like we're on the right track. She's super excited for her bean bag to arrive, which is pretty much the last piece of the puzzle for this little project. Luckily, a lot of what we had on her walls from her "first" big girl room still worked with the color scheme and things like that. 

1. Bedding // There were several comforter and bedding sets that I liked. We ultimately picked this one because the colors worked and it was less than $25 dollars on sale. Target for the win.

2. Lamp // Another Target item, which is a definite theme here. Like most, Target is my love language.

3. Reclaimed Wood // This is kind of what the headboard looks like. I put a sneak peek on Instagram the other day, though, if you want to check it out!

4. Accent Pillow // She can either keep it on her bed or on her little bean bag chair. Most likely, it'll end up on the floor.

5. ABC Print // Found this on Pinterest awhile back but I'm thinking I could make and print something similar on my own.

 6. Rolling Cart // This article nailed it - I need one of these little carts in every room of the house...

7. Circle Shelf // I've been eyeing this shelf for quite sometime. Whether it ends up in G's room or the nursery, it is coming home with me one of these days!

8. Book Shelves // These shelves are actually already in her room. A great Ikea hack that I'm sure you've seen all over Pinterest.

9. Let Her Sleep Print // I've had this quote in G's room since she was a little baby. My mom made a little canvas with this saying on it with wooden letters but it's since been destroyed by tiny hands. She offered to make a new one so I'm excited about that!

10. Bean Bag Chair // G sat in this one in the store and wanted to bring it home. I waited to purchase until the other day because it's on sale. Scored it in Daydream Pink for less than $35!

11. Canopy // I haven't fully committed to the canopy but it would be a pretty sweet detail to add to a corner of the room. Gracyn would love it; Leighton would swing on it like a monkey until it was ripped from the ceiling. We'll see... ;)


  1. Love the colors, the floral, the reclaimed wood! Basically, I want this room for myself.

  2. I just redid my girls shared room this week and need a few touches too- love the floral bedding!!

  3. umm can I just redo my bedroom like this!? So pretty!

  4. Love the comforter and so glad you can use the headboard! Looks fantastic!