Guidance Guide | Five Toddler Approved Feeding and Snack Products

A few weeks ago I mentioned I was on board with TheBabyGuyNYC and Guidance Guide as a brand ambassador. All this means is that I get to share the baby and kid products we know and love by posting and writing honest reviews about those products. The Guidance Guide website will hopefully launch mid-2017 and will be a place for parents to research baby gear items and read real reviews by real parents.

I've posted these on Instagram but wanted to recap our snacking and feeding favorites here on the old blog. I started with this category because the girls are literally snacking all day long. It's a bad habit, I'm sure, but they usually have dry cereal, goldfish crackers or raisins within arm's reach. We use sippy cups and plastic plates because while they can drink out of normal cups, I don't feel like cleaning up spills 132435 times a day. They're also known to push plates away (or off the table completely - I'm looking at you, Leighton...) when they're done eating and a broken plate on the floor would be no bueno!

Plastic, colorful feeding utensils and cups fill our cupboards for the time being and I'm sure I'll miss it when they're grown...

Up first are these Miracle 360 cups from Munchkin. They really are the best sippy cups around. No extra pieces (I loathe trying to lean valves and straws!) and NO leaks! Really. If I found one more cup of milk leaking on our new furniture I was going to lose it, I swear! Also, I love that the cups are spoutless so I no longer have to lie to the pediatrician when she asks if L can drink out of a cup properly. That's apparently a life skill they're supposed to learn...

We found ours here and we might need to buy some in every color.

Another product we love from Munchkin and use every. single. day. are these snack catcher cups with flexible lid. If you're a mom I'm sure you have a few or 20 of these laying around the house! I'm constantly finding old snacks under the couch or bed. They are great for keeping the kids' food contained and we've been fans since they first started finger foods. At 4 and 2 years old, we still use them every day to snack on dry cereal in the morning. Also love bringing them in the car to minimize crumbs on the floor and in carseats. They work well until Leighton pulls the lid off to wear as a bracelet and dumps Cheez-Its everywhere... ;)

This SNUG Spout silicone lid from Boon is another great thing to keep on hand. It easily turns any regular cup into a sippy cup to prevent leaks and spills. The kids actually fight over it so it must be cool, right? I'll keep this in our diaper bag or my purse in the event we're out and about and have an emergent need for a sippy cup!

While I prefer the spoutless cups, we do have a handful of these insulated cups from The First Years. The lid is ONE piece and it keeps the liquids contained for the most part. The girls' milk stays colder longer so I don't freak out (as much!) when they go to take a swig several hours after I last filled them up, which happens often enough even though the thought of warm milk grosses me out. And speaking from experience, they clean up nicely if a cup of milk happens to get lost in the playroom for no less than 3 days... We found this 2-pack at Target for $7!

And finally, our beloved plates from Re-Play Recycled. These, hands down, hold up the best after approximately 1 million uses. They don't peel or crack after being washed in the dishwasher. They don't break. They're made from recycled plastic (think milk jugs!) and come in a ton of fun colors. We love them and need more! Target has a 3-pack for $5 and you can't beat that.

After putting this post together I realized we may need to break away from our pink and orange color scheme.. haha! Are there any other products I need to know about?! Share your faves with me, we're always looking to add anything kid-friendly, especially as the girls get older and start helping themselves to "their" stuff!

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