Spring Break

From sun to snow and back again! The girls and I got back from a quick trip up north to Sioux Falls to see my parents during Gracyn's little spring break from school. I took the last half of the week off and we managed to get up there in time for supper on Wednesday night. Justin had to work so he stayed behind with Rufus - we missed him, though! We (or I..) did NOT miss the Rufus... 

My parents had gotten 5 inches of snow a few days earlier and it was still on the ground when we arrived. Gracyn had a chance to go sledding and frolic around with her cousins. Papa even took them on a hike. The snow had pretty much melted by Friday and warmer temps stuck around for the rest of the weekend.

I was able to meet up with some of my high school girlfriends on Thursday night and meet the two new baby boys that joined the group earlier this year. Not gonna lie, it made me pretty excited to snuggle a newborn come August. Sweet little babies! And it was SO good to catch up with some of my besties. 

Isla & Jack had to go home on Friday so while my parents were transporting them south, I took the girls to the Butterfly House and Aquarium to kill some time. It's a cute little place. Leighton hated the butterflies flying around her head (shocker! not really; the girl hates snow, too...) but it was pretty fun to see them all swirling around. 

We headed to Falls Park on Saturday morning and then downtown for some lunch dessert at CH Patisserie. Holy yum.

The St. Patrick's Day parade was about to start as we were heading out. I crushed a certain 4-year old's dreams when I told her we couldn't stay to watch. Leighton was one French macaron away from a meltdown so we had to get back to Grandma and Papa's house.

The girls stayed with my parents on Saturday night while I met a couple of friends for drinks downtown. And by drinks I mean one smelly non-alcoholic beer that I could barely drink. We chatted for a solid two hours and called it a night at 10pm. It was the best. :)

We made it home to daddy by late Sunday afternoon and it's back to reality today. It's pretty warm in KC today but I refuse to turn on the air, even if it's the first official day of Spring!

The drive up and back with just me and the kids went pretty well considering I was a man short. They traveled pretty well but I'm not sure if I'm up for the solo drive again anytime soon. We'll make the trip again in late April but Justin gets tag along for that one. It'll be nice to have an extra set of hands on deck to fetch snacks and toys and books for the 6-hour drive!


  1. So good to have you home and boy, was our house quiet on Sunday... the 'bad' part of having everyone home! Love the photos! We're rehashing all the things each child said & did and how we enjoyed their interactions. Fun. Fun. Fun!

  2. I'm so glad you got to have time with your parents! I'm considering a solo trip with the girls to Phoenix in June....not sure if I'm actually brave enough for that or not though.

    And I totally turned on the a/c yesterday lol.