Bumpdate :: 15 Weeks

This is quickly becoming a "Bump Only" zone and for that I apologize. I'll get back to blogging about other pointless happenings sometime soon. Or not. Who knows.

We took pictures tonight at 6:30 pm, after I had thrown my hair up in a pony tail but before I changed into my pajamas for the evening, which consist of any t-shirt that still fits me and baggy sweatpants (you're welcome). Gracyn, though, is def sporting pjs. She got extra dirty during dinner and went straight to the tub to hose off.

15 weeks has come and is almost gone. This is flying by to say the least...


  1. Looking goooood! i love these "bumpdates" it makes me feel like I see you often :)

  2. We're a little biased but this household thinks that you are a very beautiful pregnant woman. The little one next to you is adorable too! Kudos to the photographer... the love is showing!