The Ice Storm That Never Was...

Well, THAT was anti-climactic...

I don't think the experts, polls and data had been more off since Election Night. The forecast called for a major ice event in the Kansas City metro over the weekend. Schools were canceled Friday, activities were called off and the Chiefs game was moved to later in the day. All before an actual sprinkle formed in the sky. Weather fear-mongering at its best! 

While it was cloudy and gloomy all weekend, there wasn't any actual ice. None that I witnessed, anyway. 

The weekend wasn't a total bust. We got together with friends, I got to nuzzle a sweet newborn and Leighton pretended to be a teenager by sleeping through the night (one night only, lets not get too excited...). She literally slept until 11am on Sunday morning. She's either at one extreme or the next when it comes to sleep and I still can't figure it out. Girlfriend loves a smoothie, though.

We've been trying to bribe her for a few weeks now when it comes to sleeping through the night so when she actually did it, she got a sticker. I don't think she actually cares about stickers - after a few minutes of wearing it she declared, "sticker trash, mommy" and threw it away - but we still made a big deal out of a successful night's sleep. 

I myself took an actual nap on Sunday afternoon which I didn't hate. Afterwards, we thought the girls were coloring nicely at the kitchen table only to be taken for fools a few minutes later when I found Leighton coloring the wall with a purple marker. Super awesome.

It's labeled as washable, of course, but there are still remnants of purple showing after several good scrubs. Good thing we have extra paint... 

The Chiefs blew it in the playoffs, but other than that I suppose we had a pretty solid weekend. 

We have a semi-busy week ahead. Gracyn hasn't stopped talking about her birthday coming up and I have some shopping to do for my soon-to-be F O U R year old!


  1. I'm cracking up over your opening line LOL!

    Chiefs. Whyyy. We're still so bummed about that today.

  2. Sounds like the "ice storm" GA had....LOL

  3. Have you tried rubbing alcohol on G's artwork?? Dab some on a cotton swab or 'rag' and see if it works. (may take your paint off too, I don't really know but it was my first 'go-to' before washable markers existed!) Hope the all night sleeping turns into a habit, too!

  4. I think it looks like shades of Picasso.