Ice Storm of the Century

Well, maybe not of the century but apparently it's supposed to be a decent storm rolling in this weekend. So much so that schools around the metro were called off LAST night, which is so weird to me being from South Dakota. I suppose ice is probably worse than snow but still. We'd have a full-on blizzard growing up and MAYBE get lucky enough for a two-hour late start! I think I could count the number of snow days we had during elementary, middle and high school on one hand. Silly Kansas!

Either way, we're planning on hunkering down for another cold weekend at home and cheering on the Chiefs during Sunday's playoff game.


In other news on this fine Friday...

This girl took a F O U R hour nap yesterday! WHAT?! Her best nap in probably a month and it was glorious. Still waking during the night but I'll take what I can get...


Are you signed up for Influenster? Super easy to sign up, fill out your profile and take the surveys to see if you qualify for upcoming campaigns. If you fit the demographic, you're sent free samples in exchange for reviews, social posts and things like that. I've gotten a few boxes from them but this one is probably the best in terms of product I'd actually use (or have used before). I'm mostly excited about the Oreo thins, naturally. Followed closely by the dry shampoo and mascara.


I helped the girls make a mediocre blanket fort in the family room the other day and they played together for a whole 10 minutes. It all came crashing down - literally - 5 minutes after I took this picture when Leighton knocked over my fool-proof support system (read: the flimsy wooden thing by her arm) and it smacked G in the face. Game over. Womp, womp....


The kids had plain noodles for lunch yesterday. Like, only plain noodles. That's ok, right?!


We had a $200 reward card to our beloved Nebraska Furniture Mart so last weekend we made a trip to purchase a new Smart TV. There was nothing wrong with our current TV but Justin saw one on sale and convinced me our lives would be forever changed if we could watch Netflix on the main floor. You know, instead of traipsing all the way downstairs to the basement we paid to finish and watch via the Xbox. First world problems, I tell you what... ;)

Any who, he was RIGHT. We flew through Stranger Things in a matter of 2 days and the girls have watched far too many episodes of Beat Bugs but it's nice.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! And if you're going to be (allegedly) iced in, stay safe!


  1. Forts were a life saver for me somedays ... you and your brothers loved them! Hope you can sell the 'old' TV, and because of you, we started watching 'Stranger Things' ... I don't know about that show! Stay safe!

  2. Joplin has gone nuts over this "ice storm" too. It's currently raining and the temp is above freezing lolol.

  3. It's a crock pot stew kind of day.