Jumping right in this fine Friday...


I'm hammering out this post quick on Thursday night because I have BIG plans to grab a snack and watch the return of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal before any spoilers appear in my newsfeed tomorrow morning. PRAISE!


Justin left Tuesday morning and has been out of town all week. The kids could have been worse, Leighton is still a shitty sleeper and Gracyn is currently whimpering up in her room like a puppy. I'm not sure why other than to derail my snack + TV plans.... #kids


Before Justin left, we were able to spend a great day as a family celebrating Gracyn's birthday on Monday. She opened presents first thing before we headed out to create custom donuts at Donutology for breakfast. This little donut shop in Westport is super cute. They have the regular sized Daylight Donuts but also have these mini ones that you can customize with toppings and drizzle and things like that. She thought it was amazing. The donuts were good but the fresh ones they brought out to us after we sat down were really good...

After breakfast, we headed to Sea Life Aquarium to see the fishies. The aquarium is... just OK in my opinion. Slightly overpriced for the 45 minutes or so it takes to walk through. But, the kids liked it. After the aquarium we headed across the street to Fritz's for lunch. I feel like this place is just one of those things you have to try at least once in your life if you visit or live in KC. It's set up like an old fashioned diner and you order your food through a phone at your table. A train delivers your food approximately 3 minutes later. Seriously, the food came so quick. It's funny little place.

We headed home after lunch and spent the rest of the day playing with new toys, eating pizza and having birthday cake. Home girl was suuuuuper excited about cake. It's good to be four.


The other night, this was my attempt at getting Leighton to sleep like the two year old she is. Poor girl has been fighting a cold and nasty cough on top of her less than stellar sleeping habits so I was pulling out all of my tricks. Started off by diffusing lavender + cedarwood upstairs, rolled thieves on her feet, RC on her chest and spine, SniffleEase on her nose, SleepyIze behind her ears and had her chug some all-natural cough syrup. C'mon oil gods, don't fail me now!

She went to bed like a champ and only woke up ONE time. Small victories.

She's finally starting to feel (and look) better so she should start sleeping for my annnnny day now...


We have no big weekend plans which is just the way I like it. J leaves out of town for work next week (....and the week after that! send help..) so I'll be taking advantage of having another parent around the house and maybe run a few errands by myself. Sounds heavenly, right?!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Donutology sounds like my kind of place!!! I need to go ASAP! And yes, Sealife (and Legoland for that matter) are overpriced and kind of lame in my opinion, but a day at Crown Center is always fun! Have a great weekend!

  2. Looks like Gracyn had a great birthday! Have a good weekend and your help wishes just may come to be. ;)

  3. Oh man, take that alone time when you can, run those errands and spend a little extra time in Target! Decorating donuts?! What! That sounds like so much fun!! Happy weekend!

  4. Such a fantastic birthday celebration!!

    Enjoy your weekend, we don't have any plans either. Hooray!

  5. The fear of spoilers is something I can totally relate to, I don't watch with foreknowledge of what's about to occur haha. There's a place to make custom donuts?! That sounds so fun!

  6. Love the oils :) I just started using oils and love them
    Happy Friday Chelsea @

  7. That birthday celebration looks like so much fun! I hope the kiddos are quiet for you and you can enjoy your shows!! :) Have a wonderful weekend!