Gracyn's Birthday Wish List

Our biggest gal is turning F O U R next week! She has quite the wish-list going and is constantly shouting out something else she wants for her "birfday." Being so close to Christmas, it's sometimes hard to not go overboard on the holiday but I feel like we did a good job of holding a few things back for her birthday this year and I'm excited to celebrate her on Monday!

She's obviously not getting everything on her list, these are just the things I've been keeping track of on my phone as she mentions them in passing!

PlayDoh // I'm not a HUGE fan of playdoh but she could use some replacements. Most of the stuff we have is dried out and crumbly and G does like to play with it every now and then.

Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Checkup Center // Gracyn is still big into all things Doc McStuffins and I'm hoping she'll keep this bad boy up in her room. Another big toy in the playroom is the last thing we need but I know she'll like this.

Bike Helmet // She outgrew her first helmet and recently asked Justin to take her training wheels off her bike. I'm excited to get her back out there once the weather warms up to see how she does on a "big kid bike!"

Sleeping Bag // Not sure where it came from but all of a sudden, she's changing every blanket into a sleeping bag. Could be fun to get an actual sleeping bag for fake slumber parties, right?

Guitar // Same thing here, not sure where it came from but she's mentioned wanting a guitar lately. This kid sized one would be a hit.

Headbands // Doc McStuffins headbands, no less. Her mind will be blown.

Tool Set // She mentioned this to Justin the other day. She needs tools to fix things. Exactly what will be getting fixed, I have no idea...

Pink Scrubs // Gracyn got a doctor's coat and real life stethoscope for Christmas so a set of real scrubs to wear under her coat will be perfect. She can take everything to her room and play for hours! ;)


  1. I for one would like to slow down the growing up years ... 4yrs old! Already! She's so sweet! <3

  2. She will LOVE having a sleeping bag! Abigail got one around that age for Christmas and she slept in it on her floor for a longggg time :p