How my baby is old enough to be starting preschool is beyond me. We went up to G's preschool to meet her teacher and see her classroom last night. She starts next week going Tuesday and Thursday mornings and I'm so excited for her! I think she's totally ready to have some time away from the house with kiddos her own age. It'll be so good for her and I know she'll do great!

We did some pretend back-to-school shopping last year but this year, it's the real deal! The only things she technically needs to bring with her to school are a backpack, change of clothes and a water bottle but why stop there?! It's her very first day of school, after all! We won't go overboard but she could stand a few new items of clothing and shoes that will carry her into the cooler months.

1 & 2 | Hanna Andersson has the cutest backpacks! We didn't get this exact one but I scored a backpack and lunchbox set way back last year on SUPER sale (like, $20 for both!) and they've been sitting in her closet ever since. We got them out the other day and G is super excited to carry it to school with her. Never mind the fact that it's half her size...

3 | You can never have enough water bottles sitting around the house. Leighton's favorite game is to get mine out of the cupboard and pretend to take sips. The contigo autospout ones seem to work well for kids and don't seem to leak all that much.

4 | Comfy tanks that can be played in are a must, even at school. Old Navy is always my go-to because they're affordable, hold up well for the most part and you aren't super sad when they happen to get covered in food, marker and paint stains.

5 | I really like these pants for some reason and think they'd look so cute on G. And you can't beat $7 am I right?

6 | These pinkish gold shoes are too much. They're a little over the top but I think they might need to make their way home with us....

7 | Every girl needs a cozy sweatshirt. It can get cold in those schools! ;)

8 | Gracyn's not big into me doing her hair. She's not a fan of ponytails or braids yet but she will let me use a clip to at least keep the hair out of her eyes. And as her hair gets longer, the baby bows we have don't stay in as well so we're on the hunt for some new ones.

9 | Can't go wrong with a good old fashioned denim jacket for the fall!

10 | G lives in leggings 90% of the time (I mean, who doesn't!?) so it's always good to add a few new pairs to her drawers.

11 | Moccs for life! These are so cute and I'm thinking Leighton needs the pink pair...

Homegirl will be all set come next week! Here's to a great first day!


  1. So much cute stuff! Isn't it crazy how quickly they're growing up?

  2. My little babe will be heading to day care in a few months (tear), so I will definitely be pinning this for that time! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. She will love making new friends! Brace yourself for lots of 'talk' about her day. ;)