Give Me Friday or Give Me....

...not death, because holy morbid but ya'll. THIS WEEK.


Don't let this face fool you. The THREENAGER has arrived. Gracyn has always been such a sweetheart and rather well-behaved if I do say so myself. Until this week, that is. She's spent the week making poor decisions when it comes to her listening and toileting habits, along with total disregard for her sister's safety and my sanity.

I'm hoping this is a very short-lived phase. Please tell me it is!?! Ha. I'm trying to be understanding because she knows school starts soon - could she be internalizing something?! That or she totally knows what she's doing and is just testing the limits.

She might win the battle, but I WILL WIN THE WAR!


On top of the three-year old antics, this little lady has been fighting a cold all week. Too much fun at the lake, I suppose. Her naps have been short and her crankiness is on another level so I'm ready for her to be back to her normal happy, healthy self.


I mentioned a few weeks ago that we ordered some bar stools from Kohl's for our kitchen island. I was super excited to get them because they were exactly what I was looking for in terms of color and style. We put the first one together only to discover that one of the legs was broken. Boo. After fully assembling the 2nd stool, we realized they were just too short to sit comfortably at the counter, which isn't as low as the standard counter-height but not as tall as the normal bar-height so I was confused as to what height of stool I needed in the first place.

In addition to being too short, they felt really flimsy and unsturdy for being a wooden stool. It would have only been a matter of time before another leg broke or the girls tipped them over so back to Kohl's they went. I also lost my $70 Kohl's cash which sent me into a full depression. Not really, but kinda.

Anyway. I had a hard time finding full-back fabric barstools that I liked and that didn't cost $500 a piece so we ordered these from Target to see what they looked like. It's definitely a different look and feel but they're super affordable and I think we'll keep them. Another pair are supposed to arrive this afternoon so we'll see what all 4 look like together. Thoughts??!? Too harsh?!

I think I might just quit while I'm ahead and hire an interior decorator because I don't think I can make any other decisions... #dreamworld


When I haven't been dealing with unruly toddlers and sickie babies and making life choices when it comes to home decor, I've spent every other free moment watching the Olympics. I'm obsessed with Michael Phelps and Kerri Walsh Jennings and the Final Five. So good. And then I found this article last night and about died. Hilarious.


Back in January, my brothers and I gave my mom an extended-family photo session for her birthday. We are finally cashing in over Labor Day weekend when my entire family comes to KC to visit and outfit planning is in full effect. How do you get 11 people to coordinate but not be all matchy-matchy!? We could always do the "khaki and white polo shirt" look, right? Ha, just kidding.

We decide to keep it causal and neutral and everyone can pick their own outfits to wear. We figured if we stayed within the same color family, everything would come together and we'd all look good. Here's what I'm thinking for the Oakley branch of the family tree...

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. You have your hands full, for sure ... you will all survive! The stools are a different look for your place, I like them. Good luck on all counts!

  2. Oh the threeanger stage! I am so not looking forward to it with our youngest. But it really is just testing limits and them trying to find their voice. And I love the photo outfit ideas