First Day of School | 2016-2017

Her face may not say it, but Gracyn had a great first day of preschool!

We had donuts for breakfast and she was in good spirits up until it was time to get dressed. She was not into my picture-taking this morning but she reluctantly held up her sign for a couple of photos. She said she was "probably kinda nervous..." about her first day and her eyes welled up when it was time to say goodbye but she didn't have actual tears. None that I saw, anyway. I wanted to be the creepy mom who peeks through the classroom window or lingers a little too long at the door to see what she was doing but I didn't. I forced myself to walk away. ;)

She loved when they got a chance to play outside. They played with stickers and colored a picture. You know, typical preschool things.  She was all smiles once she got home and had lunch. She also said she was excited to go back on Tuesday, so that's good, too!

Leighton was mad I had to wake her up this morning so she actually went back down for a nap after we got home from drop-off. I had to wake her up again to go pick Gracyn up but this mama is NOT complaining... Two (essentially) kid-free hours? Yes, please! ;)

Here's to a great first school year!


  1. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    3 cheers for Gracyn
    Who's now off to school!

  2. Someday she is going to crack up looking at those pouty photos! Glad she actually had a good day and is excited to go back!

  3. Oh bless her!!! "Probably kinda nervous"! Glad she had a great time though :)

  4. Aww! So sweet! I'm glad she had a good day! Cash starts 4k on the 6th. He's excited which makes me feel so relieved. I'm so excited for him, too, but also a little sad because I can't believe that we are already at this chapter of parenthood!