5 for Friday

I kept thinking that this weekend was Labor Day weekend and was so confused all week. Turns out it's not, obvi, which is actually a good thing because it means I have another full week to get the house in order before my family comes to visit! Eeeeeee! So excited to host my parents, brothers, sis-in-law and our niece and nephew for the holiday weekend! 

But first..


We recently signed up for Cook Smarts and this was our first week using their meal planning service. My friend Julia posted about a discount they were offering and I figured we should try it. Meal planning is something I absolutely dread and every week we're always scrambling to come up with a menu for the week so we can get our grocery shopping done over the weekend. More often than not, we're eating the same things over and over again. 

Until now, that is! Ha. Cook Smarts puts out a weekly menu that's customizable and it has me doing things I've never done before - like tenderizing chicken with a fork, buying things like arugula and udon noodles and taking pictures of my meals like I'm some sort of foodie blogger. I'm not, but I needed proof that we actually made the meals... ;)

Most importantly, the meals are relatively easy to put together which is key when trying to get dinner on the table after work and before the children start to melt.


Remember this post from Monday? And the armchair that I was in love with? Well, I still love it but I found another one that I think I love even more.... so much so that I bought it.

Justin was on the fence - he thought it looked pink. I was torn at first because I think it kind of changes the "feel" of the basement compared to what I originally envisioned. I actually drove out to World Market to see the chair in person before I purchased it and while there is some pink, it's definitely not a pink chair.

It's a little quirky but with a nice dark gray throw pillow and a white blanket I'm confident it'll be a keeper! Aaaand, best part, it's on sale and I got an extra 20% off making it under $200. It should arrive Monday or Tuesday!


Justin and I get to have a little date on Sunday afternoon and I'm super excited! We got invited to a Murder Mystery Dinner Party and I can't wait to see what the evening entails. We've never been to an event like this before; there is a full acting troupe and a theme and we, as party-goers, get to participate and try to solve the murder. Stay tuned to find out whodunnit.. ;)


Week 2 of soccer was a success! G still loves it and we're completely biased thinking she's the best on out there. #saideveryparentever


Leighton has been kind of out of sorts the last few weeks. Kind of whiny and clingy and not eating as much as she normally does. I chalked it up to our lake trip a few weeks ago but as I was brushing her teeth the other night I noticed her two-year molars had come in on the bottom. Like, alllll the way in. And I didn't even notice! #waytogomom

Seriously though, I'm convinced they came in literally over night after bothering her for a few weeks. Justin hadn't noticed them either! Granted, brushing teeth and getting the kids ready for bed is quite the debacle and we usually just rush through it but I feel like we should have noticed a new set of teeth!

And then I was all confused because she's too young to be getting her 2-year molars but NOPE. Girlfriend is 20 months old and she will two before we know it. Then I realized I don't have a baby anymore so now I'm just a sad mom with a cranky toddler who I didn't even realize is growing up!

Good thing it's Friday 'cuz I need a drink to cope with my feelings... ;)

Happy Weekend!



  1. Love the little 'bat girl' photo!! Haha .. she is growing up! Anxious to see all the 'new' improvements but mostly to see all the 'kids', tall and small!

  2. Love the chair you decided on! I've never been to a murder mystery dinner party either, I can't wait to hear if you love it.

  3. Have so much fun on Sunday! I've always wanted to go to one. I can't wait to hear all about it!

  4. I love that chair! And I'm definitely checking out cook smarts!