A Dance With Death

Truth - Justin and I don't get a date night very often. When we do, it's normally out for a semi-nice dinner sans kids so we can have adult conversation and not have to get up out of our seats every 3 minutes to fetch a kid's drink or fork or food. If we get a wild hair, we might throw in a movie or a cocktail in a bar.

When The Murder Mystery Company invited us out for A Dance With Death, I was super excited because we had never been to a dinner theater-type event before! It's always fun to try something new, right?!

We really didn't know what to expect once we arrived but the actors were in character from the very beginning to help set the tone. We got signed in and lined up to take photos in 1950s-themed props and everything. Once seated, the hosts stopped by to explain the rules of engagement and how the night would flow. 

Spoiler alert! They totally bring in audience members to participate, costumes and all! This was my favorite part! It was hilarious watching these people - who were definitely NOT part of the professional acting troupe - try to play along! I secretly wish Justin would have gotten picked. He is not-so-secretly glad he wasn't... he would have hated me for life. Ha! Everyone was a good sport, though, and they seemed to get more comfortable as the night went on. #cocktails #justsayin

Each table (and suspect) has a binder that tells you some information to help you along and throughout the evening, you have some time to mingle and ask questions of other suspects to try and gather clues to solve the crime. 

Some attendees dressed to match the theme - poodle skirts, leather jackets and cuffed jeans. Others wore normal clothes and still had a great time. Justin nixed my costume idea but we did dress up a bit (as in, I wore a casual dress, he wore khakis). It was a date after all, and any excuse to wear something other than leggings as pants is a good thing.

I won't tell you who the killer was in case you decide to catch a show but one of the groups did actually solve the murder!

The Murder Mystery Dinner Company offers shows at two locations in the metro: Kansas City and Overland Park. There is a variety of shows offered at each location so you'll be able to find one that suits you. It would be super fun to get some friends together and work as a group to gather clues. You can even host your own private party and let the murderer come to you! ;)

Thanks so much to The Murder Mystery Dinner Company for inviting us and giving us a fun night out!

I was gifted a pair of tickets in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own and I promise I did not fake-murder anyone in the making of this blog post. ;)


  1. That does sound like a fun evening! I may have to find one locally to attend! :)

  2. This looks so fun! I am not desperately searching to see if there is one in our area!