Spending Spree

I have a problem. It's called shopping and I can't stop, won't stop. But I really, really need to stop. It's just too much fun trying to fill up the new house. Granted, almost everything we've gotten so far have been necessities (storage shelves, hooks, etc.) and/or a great deal that we just couldn't pass up. So I don't feel too bad. My pocketbook may feel otherwise.... 

Unpacking kinda feels like shopping, seeing things that have been in storage for 2+ months. My favorite gallery wall is now up and greets me every morning as I come down the stairs. I've order an updated print to fill up the wonky "don't worry be happy" frame but still. It's my favorite.

We bought a couch (similar here) last month and had it delivered on moving day. I was a little worried about the color but I actually really like it. It's super comfy, too. Throw pillows and pillow covers have been ordered and should arrive on my doorstep tomorrow thanks to Amazon Prime!

We got a set of the Strandmon chairs from Ikea that probably weren't technically a necessity but they're so comfy and look good. Trying to fit two chairs and two ottomans into the van with both kids was comical, however. It's always fun to drive down the highway with your van's truck half open.

Other things arriving soon?! These bar stools from Kohl's. I had a hard time spending money on bar stools for some reason - I was looking for the best deal and didn't want to spend $100 on each (when we wanted 4 for the kitchen island). I ended up getting these ones in gray because they were already on sale, I had an additional 25% off coupon, earned $22 back through Ebates AND earned $70 in Kohl's Cash! Total WIN, right?! Now, I'm just hoping they look OK in the kitchen and are semi-comfortable! Also, if you don't use Ebates, sign up right now! If you shop online at all, it'll be worth it.

I also had 10% off to Rugs USA so I ordered a big new area rug for the family room. Our old rug was a little to greenish tan for my liking in the new space. I'm having a strong aversion to tans and am trying to stick to grays and whites, if you can't tell! :) We went with this one and I think it'll be perfect with a few specs of color thrown in for good measure.

When we're not unpacking and organizing, we're hanging out at the pool. The neighborhood pool has a little kids area that's 1-2 feet deep, which makes it perfect for these little fishes to splash around. There is also a small splash pad area which is a big hit, as well!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I felt the same way when we bought our house, like I couldn't stop spending money! But everything you have picked looks beautiful!

  2. I love seeing all of your new purchases! Especially since our floor plans are so similar! I'm ready to re-do a few things in our house and your style (mainly those Ikea chairs) is exactly what I want! And the one thing our neighborhood doesn't have that I wish it did - a splash pad area at the pool. Sounds like you're loving your new place!

  3. Love it all and can't wait to see it in person!!! I might just have to copy some of your decorating ideas. 😜

  4. Looking fantastic! Fun part is unpacking and finding 'new' places for all your things. Can't wait to see it again!

  5. Love all these purchases!!! It's so fun to move and start over on some projects and decor for sure!!!! I love the IKEA chairs!!!