Fourth of July Weekend

We spent the holiday weekend in Oklahoma visiting Justin's family. It was hot and muggy, the drinks were cold and the food was amazing. The girls loved the time with their cousins - slip'n slides, sprinklers, fishing and the "bounce-a-line" as Gracyn liked to call it. She means "trampoline" and we found out she could jump for hours on end. 

The little ladies were decked out in their red, white and blue all weekend. Leighton missed the fireworks due to a few other late nights and short naps but Gracyn loved watching them - to an extent, anyway. She wasn't a huge fan of the really loud ones but once her big cousin gave her a set of heavy-duty headphones, she was all set!

Oh, Ruger. This cute boy is 6 weeks older than Gracyn and they are best buddies. Gracyn talks about him all.the.time and gets SO excited when she knows we're going to see him. We'll be hearing about "jumping with Ruger" for weeks. They even let little bit join in on the fun this time... ;)

I've been playing with my big-girl camera and different editing apps and I might have a slight obsession with the sun flare tools... It just makes them look so pretty! The wide open space in the country doesn't hurt, either.

It was a little cloudy on Sunday but the skies cleared a bit to offer up a nice Oklahoma sunset before fireworks. 

I googled a few tutorials on how to capture fireworks with my Nikon. I tried a few different settings hoping to get some good pictures but I had no idea if they'd turn out or not. My camera kept stalling and wouldn't take the actual picture in time but I managed to get a few.

We left Tulsa around Noon yesterday so we could stop to see Justin's grandma and visit his dad's grave. Grandma Imogene just lights up when the girls are around. It was a quick visit but we're hoping to get her up to Kansas City once we're settled into the new house. 

Don't let Leighton's face here fool you. Girlfriend cried, whined and yelled the entire 3+ hour drive home so we were thankful to get back. We managed a quick supper, baths and an early bedtime for her!

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend filled with family time! I hop you all had a great holiday weekend, too! Next up, moving day! Eeeeeeee!


  1. Beautiful pictures of your adventure! So sweet that Ruger & Gracyn are best buds too! Glad the girls got to experience the 4th in OK. The open spaces were probably good for them as well as you two!

  2. So many cute pictures! Sounds like you guys had fun.

  3. What cuties! I definitely need to get a slip-n-slide! Thanks so much for linking up!

  4. Hi from the link-up! Your firework pictured turned out way better than mine! I just got a Nikon D7200 this past Friday and I need to read-up/watch-up to become a more proficient photographer.

    Looks like a fun weekend! Happy 4th!

  5. You missed all the KS rain and so glad your 4th of July weekend was fun! Now it's moving time!!!!!

  6. What a wonderful weekend! XOXO Stopping by from the linkup. Love your pictures!