Leighton :: One Year

Happiest of birthdays to my baby. Sweet Leighton Lynn, you are O N E year old today. Holy moly. This is the big time. Daddy and I were talking last night and we decided we don't really know where this last year went.

I remember you being born like it was yesterday yet you grew at lightning speed and here we are. Celebrating your FIRST birthday!

You fit right into our family from the beginning. Gracyn loved you from day one and every day since, I've been in awe watching you two together. A little sisterly fighting has started as you like to take toys from Gracyn (and vice versa) but still. It's the best. My mama heart is overflowing with love for you sweet girls and I don't know how we got so lucky.

I remember those first few six months where you gave us hell each night but I'm also counting my blessings because I know it could have been much, much worse. A switched flipped in you around 6 months old and ever since, you've been a breeze. Now, if we can get you to stop waking up at midnight every night, we'd be golden!

Everywhere we go, people comment on your big blue eyes. They really are piercing and so beautiful. Your hair is starting to come in and lighten up a bit. We might have another little blondie on our hands.

You have 9 teeth as of yesterday when your first molar popped through. I expect the others any day now. Your poor gums are swollen and you've been gnawing on your fingers for quite some time now.

You L O V E to eat. Man alive, I've never seen a little girl eat so much. If it's in front of you, you're eating it. I don't think we'll have any problem ditching your bottles as you can't be bothered to finish one anyway. You'd much rather be moving around.

Speaking of moving, you are RUNNING around the house these days. You picked up on the whole walking thing so quickly. G's new favorite game is "tag" and you're often left chasing after her. You play hard, too, and have had more than your fair share of run-ins with the coffee table. You don't like to listen when we tell you "no" and you become very sneaky when you try to crawl up the stairs.

You are in to EVERYTHING, which is new for us. Your sister never bothered with the Christmas tree or dog food. You, on the other hand, are curious about it all. If the dog's water isn't put up, you are splashing around in it the moment you wake up. I find ornaments around the house all day long. You climb onto the fireplace time and time again.

Your fake laugh is good but your real laugh is better and I live for your hugs and "kisses" every day.

I'm so excited to celebrate you today. We'll have cupcakes and presents once daddy gets home, along with a party this weekend with our family in Oklahoma. Christmas next week will also be epic. You've been such a joy this first year and I cannot wait for what comes next.

Happy 1st Birthday, baby girl. We love you like crazy.

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  1. Not sure how this is possible - one already! This year has flown by but so much fun watching this little one grow. She has a strong personality and I for one look forward to her future. Love - love - love!