The Gift Giving Guide

I wouldn't be a real blogger if I didn't put together some sort of gift-giving guide this holiday season. I have lists upon lists saved in my iPhone for different people that I'm shopping for this year so I've compiled them here for you! Hopefully you can find something for that special someone on your list. Or, you know, pick up something nice for yourself. ;)


Santa may or may not be brining that beauty of a play kitchen and cookware. We always get a new holiday-themed book to read on Christmas eve and girlfriend has been asking constantly for me to paint her toenails. I did it a few times this summer and it created a monster. A polish-loving monster. Every gal needs a new outfit every once in a while and we're still obsessing over Frozen so the Olaf ornament is sure to be a big hit, too.


Leighton's birthday is the week before Christmas so this list works for both. I feel like I blacked out while shopping online, just buying all the things and I'll figure out when she gets what later. We're so close to being done with bottles so new sippy cups are a must along with a few toys that are just her own. We're also attempting one more pair of boots to see if they'll work with her chubby little footies.


My guy has quite the list this year. Did you know there was such a thing as a boot dryer? Me neither. Justin works outside year-round and once the snow hits, his work boots are soaked through by the end of the day. This eyesore contraption will sure to be a welcomed addition to our home by at least ONE member. I saw the survival kit in this blogger's guide and thought it was pretty cool. And a homemade gin kit? Sold.


Gifts for her. I mean, me. No. Her. Whatever. I want all of these things and I'm sure some of my lady-friends would like them too.


Happy Shopping!


  1. Love all the girly gifts for your girls! I have two boys so I live vicariously through girls moms. I got my niece some nail polish this year for Christmas and I'm excited about it too. Have a great weekend!

  2. There are a nice gift list for a baby girl. Thanks for share this list.