Elf by Oakley :: Day 1

I cannot believe it's December. Already. My baby turns O N E in two weeks. Christmas is C O M I N G! Gracyn turns T H R E E soon. I can't handle it.

We marked the beginning of this jolly month by adding another member to our family. Meet "Red" the Elf. He's our pal straight from the North Pole sent here by Santa to keep an eye on the girls until Christmas Day. 

Red showed up with a North Pole breakfast this morning consisting of store-bought donuts and mini-muffins. They were delish and quite magical in the eyes of a two-year-old if I don't say so myself.

Gracyn is already concerned that we're going to touch him or that he won't come back in the morning. We'll have to make sure that doesn't happen... ;)

I know some people stress about the whole Elf on the Shelf thing but that seems a little silly to me. If it stresses you out, it's probably something you shouldn't be doing. It's supposed to fun! Not a hassle. I might change my tune after 20+ days of moving this guy but we don't have big elaborate plans for our little Red, either. I think he's more of a laid-back kind of guy. He'll simply float around the house from day to day, observing, taking notes like the book says. Maybe snack on a rouge cheerio or two. Who knows.

At any rate, it'll be entertaining for Gracyn. She told him today that she wants a doctor's kit for Christmas. She already has, like, three doctor kits but what's one more, right?!

The littlest girl got in on the action, too. She pounded two mini-muffins and ran off with sissy's cereal when she wasn't looking. AND LOOK AT THAT FACE. Ugh. My heart.

Happy December!

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