Christmas 2015

We had the best Christmas at home. We had a houseful of guests, good food, too many sweets and presents galore. It was so nice having my parents and younger brother in town to help us celebrate. We also had my aunt and uncle and Justin's mom and her friend in town for Christmas dinner. 

The girls played with new toys all weekend while the grownups drank festive cocktails and played board games. It really was the best. Leighton could not have cared less about opening gifts. She was all over the place. Big sister, on the other hand, had no problem helping everyone open their presents. Towards the end, she was more into playing with the new stuff. 

Our guests left yesterday and we welcomed snow today, which made for a relaxing Monday at home. We managed to sneak outside for a quick romp in the white stuff before everyone got too cold.

Per the usual, I took a million pictures and decided to post them all in an attempt to relive the last 5 days. Hard to believe the holiday season is winding down. Gracyn keeps asking if it's her birthday now so we at least have that to look forward to coming up in a few weeks!


  1. Loved reliving Christmas with you via your great pics ... lots of good memories made this year!

  2. I need that Santa mug. Looks like everyone had a good Christmas, we need to see you soon!!!!! MUAH!

  3. Your family is absolutely precious!