Movie & A Mix {with PBS Kids}

It's no secret that we let Gracyn watch TV. Girlfriend would sit all. day. if we let her. It's probably definitely not the best habit but we kind of fell into a routine once I started working from home and TV is part of the daily grind over here. We watch shows in the morning while we all wake up and eat breakfast and she usually watches 15 minutes or so before bed at night.

That being said, we try to make a conscious effort to turn the boob tube off in the middle of the day. I mean, one can only handle so many episodes of Doc McStuffins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I find myself walking around the house singing the "Hot Dog Song" for crying out loud.

When we do have the TV on, I'm eager to find new shows for G to watch. You know, ones that won't rot her brain. Bonus points are awarded if they end up teaching her something useful. I was pumped when KCPT contacted me to enroll in their VIP {Very Involved Parent} Blogger Program and learn about everything KCPT and PBS Kids has to offer.

Who remembers watching Sesame Street? IT'S STILL ON TELEVISION! At this point, I'm probably more excited to watch an episode of Sesame Street than my two-year old but that's just because I remember watching it as a little kid. I take a jog down memory lane every time I hear the theme song and I like introducing her to the classic characters I enjoyed when I was little - if I had to put money on it, I'd say her fave is Cookie Monster. Mine is Mr. Snuffleupagus. Because it's fun to say.

Moving on.

KCPT and PBS Kids has an entire lineup of shows geared towards teaching children letters & numbers, social skills and tools they can utilize in every day life. Not gonna lie, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood came in handy for us when we used the "grownups come back" jingle as we prepared to leave G with a babysitter a while ago.

What I love most about KCPT and PBS Kids so far is the parenting site. It has a TON of resources and activities to do with your kiddos that tie into the shows and characters. When KCPT sent us a box of goodies, Gracyn reached for the Clifford movie. Yes, like Sesame Street, Clifford the Big Red Dog is still around, too! I hopped onto PBS Parents to find a whole section of Clifford-related crafts, printables, and recipes.

Justin and I were on vacation last week and my first day back to work last Thursday was kind of a blur. Gracyn and I needed a little something special to help get us back into the groove. It was a little chilly to play outside so a movie and a snack seemed right up our alley. 

We watched Clifford's Really Big Movie and made Kibble Trail Mix, which sounds weird but it's delightful. Salty, sweet and crunchy? Yes, please. You can find the recipe here (I cut it in half, which still made a ton).

G helped me combine all of the ingredients. She's quite the sous chef these days. During Leighton's morning nap, we snuggled up with our Kibble Trail Mix to watch some good 'ol Clifford. Not a bad way to spend the morning if you ask me.

Check out your local PBS channel for a complete lineup of shows and hit up the sites for additional resources, apps and games!

We are part of the KCPT and PBS Kids VIP (Very Involved Parent) blogger program and are occasionally provided materials to preview and review. All opinions are my own, of course. I mean, it's Sesame Street and stuff. It's legit. ;)

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