Popping in quick today to round out our week! Time is flying over here. It's almost November, we are making plans for Thanksgiving, and I have already started Christmas shopping. It's crazy for sure. We're so excited for Halloween tomorrow, too! Gracyn's been running around playing with parts of her costume all week.


Speaking of costumes, I still need to finish Leighton's before tomorrow night. We're going to have a pirate and Tinkerbell and I'm pumped to see them dressed up together. Coordinating costumes for the win.

Most of G's costume came from Target, obvi. Leggings, hat, sword and eyepatch (that I had to alter a bit) all came from my home away from home. I cut up a long-sleeve black shirt from Walmart into a vest to wear over the white shirt. I got her a pair of black boots hoping she could wear them throughout the fall/winter. She's been practicing her "argh" for weeks.

I made a Tink skirt out of white and lime green glittery tulle which was my worst nightmare. Glitter. Effing. Everywhere. I figured she could wear some tights, a pink shirt and her moccs (similar), too. I'm attempting to make a headband and we picked up some wings from Hobby Lobby. I'm hoping to comes together!


The girls and I snuck away for a little bowling playdate with some other KCMB contributors. It was a nice way to get out of the house for a bit!


Leighton is SO CLOSE to walking! She looks like a little drunk human staggering around trying to take steps. She will get brave and let go of the coffee table or couch and start walking towards the toy she wants. We've been practicing walking around the family room. It won't be long!


I'm thinking about a new design for this here blog. I found templates you can purchase on Etsy. I didn't even know that was a thing. They're super affordable too which is good. Because I'm kind of a cheap like that. Has anyone ever used one!? Are they easy to install and navigate once loaded? Any tips would be appreciated!


Last but not least. Go Royals!!!!

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  1. Such cute costume ideas--I can't wait to see pics! I always buy my templates on Etsy and it amazes me how inexpensive they are! If you choose one to install yourself just make sure they include the step by step (some even have videos)...and it'll be pretty easy! I'd be happy to help if you run into any problems :)

    Hope the Royals can pull this off tonight! Happy Halloween :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, the ones I've been looking at offer the step-by-step instructions, which I would definitely need!