Jamaican Me Crazy :: Beach Better Have My Sun{nies}

Last post, I swear.

And that title. Ridiculous, I know. I just love me some {raunchy} Rihanna. Also, have you seen this shirt?!?! I'm sad I didn't know it existed until last week. I might get it even though the Halloween season is almost over.

Rounding out our week in Jamaica. More beach time, more pool time, some snorkeling and one cray-cray catamaran cruise.

We had a catamaran cruise thrown in for free as part of our package when we booked through our travel agent. We didn't really know what to expect and when our small group was dumped on a random beach in the middle of Montego Bay, I thought for sure we were doomed. Not really doomed  I guess but it did feel rather Lost-ish.

Our driver dropped us off, told us the boat would be by "soon" and then drove away. Ummmmm. What? Where are you going?! After about 20 minutes, a security guard appeared and told us the boat was coming now. We had a 180-degree view of the ocean and the only watercraft in sight was a decrepit fishing boat and the captain was asleep. Later, he dove into the water and started snorkeling. Strange, I tell you.

Finally, 10 minutes later, we saw the Red Dread cruise on up to the dock. It was already full of people and the jams were bumpin'. We thought for sure it was going to be a Spring Break party. And we're all old now, so a Spring Break party wasn't really on the list of things to do on our relaxing vacation.

Um, no. It ended up being a blast. We snorkeled (I'm trying to track down pictures of this excursion. There was a photographer but all he gave us at the end was a business card with his cell phone number. Again. Ummmmm. What?! So I've been emailing our travel agent and the resort to see if I can find out how to purchase prints!), we stopped at Margaritaville (and rode the slide of death...) and ended up drunk by 11 am.

It was amazing.

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