Friday Things

I've gotten approximately 4 hours of sleep all week so, like always, I am ready for the weekend. You know it's going to be a long day when it's only 7:30 and the baby is already down for her morning nap. Kids, man.


Is there a 9.5 month sleep regression? Because holy hell. Girlfriend has been giving me a run for my money ever since we got back from vacation. It's brutal - waking 3 or more times per night. It is no bueno. I'm not sure if she's getting more teeth or if she just hasn't been feeling well but I'm ready for it to pass. Hoping we're back to our normal behavior soon. She's still just as happy as can be during the day so it's impossible to stay mad about having to get up 24234 times every night.


Sister yoga? Or something.


We are officially POTTY TRAINING! And let me tell you, Gracyn is totally rocking it. She is doing so well. We started on Sunday and she only had TWO accidents all day. Monday was a little rough but she's been accident-free since Tuesday. WHAT?! Rockstar.

She hadn't pooped since Saturday so yesterday, I told her we could put a diaper on in order for her to do her business. She was walking around the house hunched over complaining her tummy hurt so I knew she HAD to go.

She's not afraid to sit on the toilet or anything but I just don't think she's figured out how to go #2 on the big potty yet. And at this point, I didn't care where she went - I just wanted her to go so she felt better. She went in her diaper, we got cleaned up and went straight back into undies. We have a full day out of the house tomorrow which will be the first real time venturing out in underwear. I'm a little nervous but I'm sure she'll do great. I'll have a potty chair in the van just in case...


Forever Royal, baby! The boys in blue played an amazing game on Wednesday night. We are so pumped to watch them play this weekend. LOVE seeing all of the pictures from around the city celebrating the win.

via the Kansas City Star


After the Royals win, one of my new fave shops was having a flash sale on Instagram so I snagged one of their reclaimed wood arrows. SO stinkin' excited to get it in my hands. Now, I just have to figure out where to put it. I'm thinking a new gallery wall is in order...

That's all for me this morning. I've had two cups of coffee, fed the baby, put the baby back to bed and blogged all before starting work this morning. I feel like Wonder Woman or something. I'm still tired though.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Awesome on the potty training, Gracyn! Sorry to hear Leighton isn't sleeping well ...still, perhaps she just misses Grandma! :) (What? I can dream!) Cute pics!